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Oct 27th 11:25 AM
A while ago someone asked me if I had a book of scales, which I don't. I've decided I'd like to concentrate on scales a bit more and I'd like to take a look at a book of scales. Anyone got any recommendations for one? Are they specific to saxophones?

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Oct 27th 12:15 PM
Take a look at Joe Viola's "Scale Studies" book.
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Oct 29th 7:15 AM

soprano player
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Oct 29th 7:31 AM
Slonimsky's scale and melodic pattern.
I still wonder how many decades it'll take if I want to memorize everything in that book.
The Martin
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Oct 29th 7:41 AM
Have a look at:
jealous gary
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Oct 29th 10:25 AM
Mendokusai- walk before you run. I would recommend getting both the Joe Viola books "Technique of the Saxophone" Vol I and II.

Volume I is perhaps what jazzredcat is referring to "scales") while Vol. II deals with arpeggios.

If you can get throught these, you'll be more than ready for more exotic stuff.
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Oct 29th 10:27 AM
oops. The "jealous" is left over from another tongue-in-cheek response. Has nothing to to with this information. sorry
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Nov 2nd 7:43 AM
Thanks everyone.

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Nov 2nd 1:17 PM
The Martin,

1) Your link is David Liebman's book - Scale Syllabus. He play soprano sax in the CD. Do you know the Transcriptions on the book is CONCERT key or Bb key?

2) But I saw there is another book " David Liebman Scale Syllabus Solos", which is CONCERT key but not Bb??

is that mean Scale Syllabus's book has no transcriptions on David's solo? Need to buy anotehr book (1)....??