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Jul 18th 11:31 AM
Haven't yet to touch Altissimo yet. But now I really want to know how to play a Altissimo G & also the tip to play good high Eb to F# sound.

1) Just consider technique and ignore about MP & reed. What's important factor to play good high note sound - side key on high Eb to High F#.

2) What about an Altissimo G? Which way you think is the most convenient to play this note (assume you need to lay a high G after high D with side key):

Over tone (Octave key with normal G fingering) Or Altissimo? Any Altissimo fingering for a high G note?
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Jul 18th 5:32 PM
On my Mark VI alto (#60xxx) I don't have a high F# key. I play F# like a low Bb plus the side Bb key and octave key. To play G, I just lift up the middle fingers on both hands. I find that having the bell keys closed gives a very big sound to these high notes.
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Jul 18th 5:46 PM
To facillitate getting to the High G you will also need to become familiar with the long high E fingering, the front F, the alt High F# and then finally the G fingering.
Steve Goodson's has a great alt fingering chart.

Long E is the same as G2 except that you use the the front F key instead of the B key. To get the front F, lift the ring finger. To get F# add side key Bb to the front F fingering. To get the G, lift the C finger on the LH and add the nose picking finger on the right with side Bb. This is the other High G fingering which connects better with the rest of the fingerings around it.
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Jul 18th 10:19 PM
Thanks. I remember I have the "The Art of Playing Saxophone", which has Altissimo fingering. Do you think it's still update for today's saxophone desgin?
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Jul 19th 1:56 AM
RH1&3, LH 1&3 is my favourite for G3 - but you can also blow a C above quite easily on this one.

Just remember, unlike the other notes on the sax, altissimo actually has little to do with fingerings, and once you learn to hit the notes, you will find that on many of them, adding or removing keys or fingers makes little difference. In fact, you may find weird things like adding a finger makes a note go higher (rather than lower), and so on.
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Jul 19th 5:06 AM
The Art of Saxophone playing is still relevant, beware of biting to produce the altissimo on a saxophone, it is to do with your throat. Imagine it is like singing falsetto (Bee Gees). Hear the note, play the note. There are many altissimo fingering charts and the most intune fingering differ from horn to horn. As Steve W says after a certain point, fingerings become irrelevant. I have found this to be G4 usually.
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Jul 19th 5:12 AM
And the only real difference between the old horns which Rascher and Teal referred to in their books, and what we have now, is they lacked a high F# and (sometimes) a front F - I don't use these in many altissimo fingerings anyway. Rascher was adamant that his very limited selection of fingerings work on all sax sizes and types. I can believe it as he was able to play a sax with no keys at all, though for the rest of us a different fingering just gets you over the that 'hill' of getting the note to speak. Also, a find a 'g' on alto can be very definitely a g# or something like that, on tenor.
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Jul 19th 8:06 AM
I find the "classic" (Rascher) figurings work pretty good on modern altos and many work decent on tenor and soprano. They are down-right bad for bari sax.

The book by Dr. Luckey has a good selection of fingurings to choose from to find the best responding and the best for intonation. But like the others have said, fine tuning the fingurings are not where its at. You need the overtone exercises to develop your ear and chops.
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Jul 19th 4:52 PM
For all concerned...go here...
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Jul 21st 9:59 AM
Thanks for the site Erick.
It offers the most choices that I've seen.
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Jul 22nd 12:39 AM
jazzredcat, did u ever manage to retrieve the Zinn regimen from Eric Dan...?
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Jul 22nd 7:30 AM
Ya lost me. Refresh my "memory", or point me in the direction(thread, post).
Tom S
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Jul 22nd 2:09 PM
I downloaded the Zinn practice routine from Eric's site. Great basic routine to instill a bit of dicipline on intervals and scales.
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Aug 1st 12:57 AM
Tom s,

Zinn practice routine from Eric's site?? EWhat routine & exercise it is? Can you post the link here. Thanks.
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Oct 24th 1:05 PM
Practice ur overtone exercises....
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Oct 25th 12:18 PM
Since this thread started I have nailed most of the altissimo notes, and for G on alto I am using LH 1&3, RH1, side Bb, lowEb; for G# I use the same except side C instead of Bb and no Eb. Together with the front F/F# fingering, it offers a smooth movement in that area, and these fingerings speak most easily for me on my horn.