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lab rat
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Aug 31st 9:39 PM
I got a new YAS 52 last Saturday. From the time I tested it at the store until today, it played great. Then I started my practice this afternoon, and for no apparent reason I couldn't bring out my low B flat, B, and C sharp. The only sounds that came out were low-pitched squeaks for B flat and B, and a high-pitched squeak that was in tune with my high A flat (A flat with the octave key, that is) for C sharp. I thought it was the reed, so I changed...and changed...and changed. Didn't work. I then set up my old horn (YAS 23) with these same reeds, and these low notes sounded perfectly. So I went back to the 52 and went about my practice (which didn't require the lower register) for about 20 minutes. Then I tried the low notes again. And they were back and sounding perfectly!

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Sep 1st 10:33 AM
Probably a leak that comes and goes, or you are just able to blow through it after a while. A pad might get wet over time, swell and seal better. Its good that you have another alto to try for a sanity check. Play the 23 while you get your 52 fixed.
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Oct 8th 2:05 PM
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Oct 9th 9:24 AM
You might be having a problem with the octave key. As you turn the neck in the socket, the key will likely open at one extreme or the other. You might have to adjust (i.e. BEND) it to the place you normally play it in. Its the first thing I look at if this sort of thing happens to my horns, and if the neck was moved in the socket, that might cause it.

You could also have a sticky octave mechanism whereby a pad is not shutting closed tightly.
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Oct 9th 2:55 PM
Since it's new, I would not recommend bending anything. That could possibly void the warranty. I would take it back to the store and let their tech fix the problem. I do agree that the octave mechanism is a likely culpret, but there also could be another cause. Check all the palm keys to make sure one of them isn't sticking open a bit. There are other causes as well.

It's not unusual to have problems like this on a brand new horn, at least until it's broken in. I had similar issues with a new soprano and my Series II bari that didn't make themselves evident until a couple of days after I got them.

Any problems like this should be covered under warranty, though.
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Oct 12th 8:32 PM
I have a YAS 52, is it common for the alternate B flat fingerings to sound very stuffy on the YAS 52?