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Aug 21st 9:00 AM
I have been thinking of getting a backup alto to my mint 1964 Mark VI. I found a nice original laq. early Mk.VII and a mint Series II for about the same money. My tech. seems to favor the VII which in his opinion is " probably better than any of the newer Selmers". You guys who play these horns regularly, any thoughts? Also, is the Series III really alot better horn than the Series II?
Andrew D
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Aug 21st 9:58 AM
I had a MV11 alto for 7 years before I sold it and it is a very good horn. considering you already have a vintage it may benefit you to have a modern selmer as opposed to two vintage.
I have owed also a series 2 for about 6 months & I now have a millenium series 3 which I am very happy with. The 2&3 are different horns and it is difficult to say which may be the correct choice for you because everyone has a different sound perception. Try as many of the 3 horns as you can and pick the one that sounds and feels right. Also check out the pro level keilwerths these are exceptional modern horns.
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Aug 21st 11:03 AM
Andrew D

Have you compare Series III & Yani A-991?
Which horn you think has more modern sound - Bright, Rich & Full?
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Aug 22nd 11:09 PM
I play a VII alto and like it better than the II; but you should get the one you like, the one that sounds the best in your opinion.
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Aug 23rd 6:51 AM
Alto - I found the A991 and Selmer III very similar in sound. They do feel slightly different in the hands, but I couldn't separate them by much in sound.

On the actual question, do you want the back-up to be as close as possible to the VI, or do you want a different tonal colour? I would think a good VII is most likely to be closer, as early ones would have had some of the same parts.

The II and III both have their fans as do the Yanis - all good sounding horns. If you really just want something to get you out of trouble when the VI is in for service, why not get a Yani 901 or Yamaha 62, save yourself a load of cash and have a slightly brighter fun sounding horn as a different option?
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Aug 23rd 10:38 AM
My VI is a very dark playing one. I wouldn't mind having an alto that is a little brighter as an alternate. Is the Series II brighter than the VII?
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Aug 23rd 11:23 AM
My VII is a little brighter than the Serie II horns. It IMHO sounds much better than a II at least for me thats true. Mine is a silver MK VII
s/n M258XXX.
Andrew D
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Aug 23rd 12:46 PM
The early series 11s tended to be darker than the later ones 500xxx. Got my series 11 for much less than the going rate, also it was an 89' model. Big and freeblowing as a friend discribed it.

It can get quite complex when deciding whether a horn is bright or dark eg: my series 3 millenium is a lot darker than a norm laquer 3, which I like but compared to a mv1 is brighter and fatter!! But does this mean it is better?? so many variables to take into account when buying another horn you can lose objectivity.

RE: Last Question, It depends on which particular mv11 you compare to a particular series 11, I know your thinking this don't answer my question. But selmer saxophones are like this.
Andrew D
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Aug 25th 12:16 PM
I agree with AG & danm, overall if you can get a good Mv11, these are terrific horns, especially on Alto.