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User ID: 2093804
Aug 2nd 2:11 AM
I'm going to buy a new alto. Just brand new, not Mark VI or Con such vintage horn.
My choice are:

Selmer Series III
Yani - A992
Yamaha Custom YAS-875

I have test on these 3 horn, each are good. Keywork seem to be Yani is better but A-992 is bronze, a little bit dark sound for me. I want to know how you judge them if I use it for more modernized music - Smooth Jazz, Fusion & Contemporary Jazz. Which one you willconsider & why? Please don't say Ref 54 alto, still takes long time comes out and nobody knows how the sound.
E Flat
User ID: 0018434
Aug 2nd 10:23 AM
I say make your sound unique...pick one you like.
Mike R.
User ID: 9314413
Aug 2nd 10:47 AM
For a bright, contemporary sound, you may want to consider the Yanagisawa A-9930, with the sterling silver neck and body tube.
User ID: 8185963
Aug 7th 9:26 PM
selmer or the yamaha. i just tried the new yannies. the fingering is so strange for altissimo reg that i couldnt get used to playing it. what about the yamaha 62? i thought that played as good or better than the custom. my opinion
User ID: 1320554
Aug 8th 8:35 AM
Its more in the choice of sound concept and mouthpiece selection than the sax. Dark horns with bright mouthpieces can sound similar to bright horns with dark mouthpieces.
User ID: 9565813
Aug 10th 5:28 PM
Go Keilwerth sx90r. That's the best new horn you can get!
User ID: 8185963
Aug 10th 10:46 PM
yes keilwerths are a great choice too