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Oct 4th 10:24 AM
Hey what excersizes can I do to get rid of the fat tounge...I use warm air and keep my tounge on the bottom of my mouth but when i tougnge I seems to me that I use the whole tounge and end up tounging not on the tip but a few centimeters above the tip and I find it hard to tip with the end of the tounge...btw I was taught by oboe player so I do the anchored tounging sometimes when Im tounging..
User ID: 8868883
Oct 4th 10:37 AM
Try a 'D' on the reed instead of a 'T' - that's my preferred action, its faster and softer. You can also use D, L, G, N, K, as well as 'T' -each has a different effect.

I believe oboists use the tip of the tongue on the reed, the natural action on sax or clarinet is to touch the reed further back on the tongue.

You are right to think of 'warm air', and with correct diaphragm support, it is surprising ho much faster the tongue can go.

Remember the tongue merely stops the reed by touching it, or allows it to start again by withdrawing. That concept helped me, maybe you are trying to do too much with your tongue?