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Big B
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Sep 22nd 3:07 PM
OK I have FINALLY got me a brand new saxophone and it is a Dave Guardala Artist Series Alto SAx( silver plate model) . Now I am bery in love with the tone I get from the sax but now I feel that a differnet setup is needed. Currently I used a Selmer C* S90 ( recommended to all players in my group), ronver dark ligature, and Hemke 2.5 to 3. Now I am a usual classical player and the problem with this is that my lower pitches, ( low B and B flat ) and lower and some higher pitches ( only really high F ) have trouble comming out. I can't just start on these pitches and I usually have to slur into these or else they won't come out. This is especially bad when I have to do my chromatic scale ( B flat to high F ) and the lowest and higest have trouble comming out. Is there a set up that may be better for getting the power and range i desire. IO have especially been looking into the Vandoren Opt. and the Ronver Eddie Daniels II ligs to help with some range power issues also but if any have any good reed or mouthpiece changes that may work better also for a great sounding, and strong full range of notes than post some tips here.
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Sep 22nd 7:44 PM
I think before changing setup you should have the horn checked for leaks.Also try the selmer metal lig that came with the mpc before you go wasting money on rovner junk.
Big B
User ID: 9433023
Sep 22nd 8:23 PM
Well i should go take the sax for a leak check cause i men it was delivered by UPS so i better check that out first. Right now I am already usig a basic ronver dark and it is a good lig but i am just looking for a setup that works awesome in all registers. I can only seems to find things that specialize in only high tones or low tones and i am looking to change my set up right now. I never did get a lig with my C* S90. I was really asking does anyone have any other good setups to work with that aren't too expensive. Right now I have been looking at a either a Vandoren A28 or a Rousseau 4R moutpiece with either a Vandoren Optimum Ligature or a Consoii Ramplig ligature. For reeds I can vary often between Rico- Royal, Vandoren ( Classical, or V16 ) or Hemke. I have been wanting to try a Alexander to sew how all over responce is. I Am just looking for a set up tat will give me a great projection through all registers without a airy or buzzy after tone. I am a section leader so a strong blod sound is a must but remember this is a concert band I am taking about.
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Sep 23rd 12:16 PM
Following a check up of the horn try a Bay lig on the piece. Bay's seem to work well with Selmer pieces. Just remember that they are kinda delicate.
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Sep 23rd 12:32 PM
Long tones, Big B. Lots of them, especially on a new horn. Your embouchure has to "get to know" the horn. But make sure first that the horn is sealing properly.

Kudos on the Guardala. It's a hell of a horn. Not that it makes any difference, but it's unusual for a classical player to play anything other than a Selmer or Yamaha. I think it's great that you chose to be different.
User ID: 9892733
Sep 23rd 12:36 PM
I'm currently playing a Guardala tenor and my former (and soon to be again) professor is switching back and forth between a MkVI alto and Guardala alto. We'll see how the guardala tenor speaks in a chamber setting next fall when I return to complete my BA in Saxophone performance.
Big B
User ID: 9433023
Sep 23rd 3:59 PM
Well I like tring to be different. I decided to go witha company that not many of my friends or instructors have had contact with. Well I hae loved it but right now I am experimenting with new setups to get the optimum effectiveness of the new sax. Go Guardala !!!!
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Oct 12th 9:12 PM
I would like to try a YAS 62 with a peter ponzol neck. the only problem is that I live in australia and it would cost a fair bit to get the neck.
Do you think its worth it?
User ID: 7601343
Oct 13th 5:31 AM
Rosie, the necks need to be fitted to the horn. It cost a lot to bring items like this Down Under, you need to factor in freight, GST and Customs costs too. These are the hidden charges when importing Down Under. You will also need to know a good repair tech who can do this adjusting of the tenon for you.