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Rob L.
User ID: 8346323
Aug 16th 4:24 PM
I just recieved my B&S Codera Alto sax 2 days ago. I must say it plays exceptionally.
However there are two small problems-

There are some rust looking things (about .5 millimeters in size) on the neck. Cant seem to take them off with a polishing cloth.

And there are alot of areas along some of the seams facing me when I play that the lacquer appears to be not there.

I didnt see anything before, but I was probably not looking hard enough, ( I was excited it came).
So does anyone else with this horn notice these kind of things. Maybe the lacquer is inferior or it was just missed.
I have the gold on gold lacquered version, I got it from Woodwind and Brasswind
Does anyone know if I should get it replaced, I dont want any lacquer chipping away or anything, at least not so soon. If there are any other ideas please let me know.
User ID: 8882983
Aug 16th 5:05 PM
Mine had no problems with the finish whatsoever. It sounds like yours has a problem.
By the way, how long did it take to get your order? I ordered the (Codera) tenor a week ago, and it still hasn't shipped even though it supposedly was in stock.
Rob L.
User ID: 8346323
Aug 16th 5:12 PM
It took 13 days to recieve the horn after ordering, even though I was guaranteed it 5 days before...Oh well it is here, though if I need replaced, they do it much quicker as I am moving for college next week, and would like to audition using the Codera.
User ID: 8882983
Aug 16th 5:17 PM
They're great sounding and playing horns! So sorry that yours has a messed up finish. I love my alto. WW&BW has been giving me a song and dance about why an in stock item has not been shipped after a week. It's my first bad transaction with them after years of buying from them.
User ID: 9398453
Aug 21st 12:08 PM
woodwind&brasswind is starting to get sloppy with there orders. I'v been buying from them for years and now they are not so good. the last two orders have been messy and they shipped me a used saxophone and charged me the price of a new one. I buy from
User ID: 9398453
Aug 21st 12:11 PM
woodwind&brasswind is starting to get sloppy with their orders. I'v been buying from them for years and now they are not so good. the last two orders have been messy and they shipped me a used saxophone and charged me the price of a new one. I buy from
Rob L.
User ID: 8346323
Aug 21st 8:27 PM
They sent a replacement quite quickly. However they gave me a siver key/clear lacquered one, instead of the gold one. Plus it is also in even worse shape cosmetically... rust everywhere.
The sound also is not as much to my liking.
I guess I will just allow the first one. I think it sounds beautiful, and I am sure if a bigger probelm presents itself Ill get it covered under warantee.
Hehe terrible time:) Im leaving for college tommorow morning.
Wolf Codera
User ID: 0164614
Aug 22nd 4:10 PM
Rob L.,

is the "rust" of the replacement sax only in the silver plating (which would be natural corrosion)or is it in the lacquer too?

If it is in the lacquer (clear lacquer or gold lacquer) it is the same problem nearly every horn (even the most expensive Selmers) has when it is older than 2-3 years (what might be possible because the clear lacquered gold brass horns were shipped in '98 afaik).

The fluid which is used in the soldering process is the reason for the black spots ("rust") under the lacquer.

BTW Al Soskin is using a gold brass alto and he is very satisfied with it. Please contact him via our website. He may eventually help you even if we do not sell or have not been selling the B&S Coderas (license products).

Rob L
User ID: 8346323
Aug 27th 8:17 AM
Its just the silver. I sent that one back anywyas. I couldnt detect any diff in sound.

As the as the gold on gold one doesent get out of hand its okay.

So are they both made of gold brass or just the silver clear one? I still liked the gold better anyways.
Wolf Codera
User ID: 8221333
Aug 29th 8:02 PM
Rob L,

the gold lacquer horns are made of yellow brass (less copper than gold brass).

Al Soskin, VP of Codera-windstruments&tools plays a gold brass clear lacquer alto, I am and will be using the yellow brass gold lacquer version until the new Codera Tresonance saxes come in October/November.

Maybe I will switch to a yellow brass black nickel plated body, resoblades and VERIs (Variable Extension Resonator Inlays) featuring a silverplated mechanism and silverplated front cups.
User ID: 8882983
Aug 30th 3:35 PM
Wolf- I just received my replacement Codera Tenor (the first had a bent bell lip), and it's quite a horn...Quite different from my Super 20 (which I have a 25 year love affair with and still absolutely love)-but the Codera has a rich low register that is as intrigueing in it's own way as the Super, and although I need to get used to the upper register sound, I think it's a good fit for an alternate horn. I would love to hear this horn with a silver neck. Will your new silver necks fit these B&S Codera Horns???If so, will the silver necks be offered for both alto and tenor?

Jerry K.
User ID: 9809413
Aug 30th 3:37 PM
T.S., What's the top end like on the Codera Tenor?
User ID: 8882983
Aug 30th 4:04 PM
Compared to my Super, which has a bright harmonic rich cut to it, the Codera is what I would describe as Silky....Certainly a rounder sound than the Super. I think a Silver neck would brighten it up a bit as silver seems to really enhance upper harmonics....I have only played it for about an hour, so I need to spend more time to give a more informed description...
It has great actionn and a really nice feel.

Wolf Codera
User ID: 9161143
Sep 1st 2:30 PM

The Codera aftermarket necks fit B&S Codera and Codera saxophones. They will be also be available for alto however the first necks (sterling silver, yellow brass silverplated and nickel silver) will be delivered for tenor.

BTW it makes a difference concerning the upper register to change the hight/opening of the low "C" (and of course low B and Bb but I would suggest to keep the hights of these two keys first). The B&S Coderas are featuring hand-adjustable stoppers on bell keys. Try to change the opening height to your personal taste (high harmonics attack will change).

There is also a possibility to change the opening hight of the front "F" key (especially "G'''" can be optimized) and the opening height of the lower stack keys individually (expert mode using a screwdriver;-).

Have fun and feel free to contact me concerning special applications.
User ID: 8882983
Sep 1st 4:41 PM
Thanks for the info, Wolf. I am getting used to and really liking the tenor, and I absolutely love my alto...These horns have great voice and should be much better known than they are!
When do you think the aftermarket necks will be available and do have any idea who will be selling them in the U.S.? I think silver necks would give just that little bit extra to these horns.
User ID: 8882983
Sep 5th 1:06 PM
Well, I've spent a few more days playing the Codera tenor and I love this horn! I switched to my old Berg Larsen stainless piece (125/1 sms) and it seems like a match. It cuts with manners...
It's wonderfully in tune and has a sound that is somewhat like a MK VI with a fatter low end.
I still want to try a silver neck on it, however.

User ID: 8882983
Sep 9th 6:19 PM
Wolf-I have E-mailed the US website a couple of times now about dealers and have received no reply. I am wondering from whom I can purchase the new necks from as well as replacement resoblades. Do you know if Woodwind and brasswind will continue to carry Codera Horns?
Wolf Codera
User ID: 0575574
Sep 10th 6:11 PM

the reason why you did not reach the US email is a server problem. It came (9/6) to my address and I forwarded it to Al Soskin (9/10).

Please order the necks in Atlanta.

I do not know whether wwandbw will have the new Codera saxes. We will discuss this and other distribution strategies in October.
User ID: 8882983
Sep 12th 11:20 AM
We made contact and I much appreciate the info!
Wolf- I have to tell you how much I love my tenor!
Even more thant the alto, which I love, the tenor is just amazing! The more I play it, the more I am able to do with it, and it has an incredible, unique voice. If your new horns improve on this, I think it would be scary.