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User ID: 2066234
Nov 8th 5:31 PM
Anyone know about champion saxophones if so please tell me
User ID: 2066234
Nov 8th 5:42 PM
I'm thinking of buying one but don't know anything about them.pretty dumb eh?
User ID: 1975904
Nov 8th 5:49 PM
Hope they are as good as the spark plugs.
Gordon (NZ)
User ID: 1265504
Nov 9th 5:13 AM
If nobody has heard of them, it would be a very high risk purchase! Some makers, as soon as they get a shocking reputation with one name, just market the instrument under another name.
User ID: 2066234
Nov 11th 1:32 AM
Thanks Gordon! I think I'll get the second-hand yamaha.