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Jul 25th 1:39 PM
Hi. I'm having a bit of...mouthpiece trouble. I play with my school's jazz band and wind ensemble, and this year I will be joining marching band. I've been using the stud mouthpiece that they have supplied us with for a few years. I feel it's time to move on to bigger and better things, that is, I want to buy a mouthpiece that will suit my every need (jazz, classical, anything) and that will provide me with the healthiest tone. Except, I'm not sure where to start. There's so many mouthpieces out there to choose from, and I'm afraid I'll blow $100 by choosing the wrong one, especially because there's not a store around that carries mouthpieces that I could sample.

Can anyone help? I need a mouthpiece for all purposes...bright yet jazzy...something comfortable... Well, if anyone can offer me advice it'd be most appreciated! thanks.
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Jul 25th 1:42 PM
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Jul 26th 12:57 AM

It's where you need to go.
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Jul 26th 3:03 AM
I agree, Jody Jazz is an easy piece to play and is versatile and accurate, just what you need.
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Jul 26th 12:02 PM
I guess Jody Jazz is the way to go then. :D thanks a lot for the help!

I have another question, this time about facings. I need to select a facing before buying a Jody Jazz mouthpiece, but...I have no idea what they are. Can someone please help? What is a facing and how do you choose the one that's right for you? Again, advice would be the most appreciated.
Dave Dolson
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Jul 26th 6:52 PM
Jody will send you three pieces and you can return all or buy one or all. There is a slight restocking fee if you don't buy any of them. I just went through that for soprano (bought one, returned two). DAVE