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Brian Harvey
User ID: 8046873
Jul 28th 10:24 AM
Yesterday I found an alto sax made by B&S. It is
brushed gold or matt laquer. I fell in love with
the finish. The sax is very nice, and @ $2600.00
a seemingly good deal. Anyone seen one of these.
I've never heard of B&S. I played for 14 years,
took a 10 year break, and my love and passion for
the sax has been rekindled.
User ID: 9600383
Jul 30th 9:36 AM
Made in Germany. Same brand that manufactures the Guardala and Cordera saxes, although the body on those is somewhat different. The are good axes, but your price is no bargain. You could have any pro alto on the market in any finish you want, with a little shopping, at that price. WW and BW has the Cordera Altos on closeout for $995. They list around $3500. I here the Altos are fantastic .... I just bought a Tenor for $1295, but waiting for shipping to get it here.

Check out other discussions around the board of the B&S, Guardala, and Cordera horns. Lots of good info.

User ID: 0011434
Jul 30th 2:40 PM
Brian, when is your sax arriving? I ordered one last Wednesday and found out they just shipped it yesterday. What happend to ship within 24hrs?
User ID: 9600383
Jul 31st 6:18 AM
Same Story John, I ordered mine on Monday week, and found it it didnt ship until Friday! I should have mine today (Wednesday). Im anxious to give it a blow.......
User ID: 9600383
Jul 31st 4:11 PM
Got mine.... check out comments under Saxophone makes #2 .....

Really good horn at any price ..... Fantastic horn at this price.
Brian Harvey
User ID: 8046873
Jul 31st 7:20 PM
Still shopping for a NEW sax. I did pick up a
King Voltrue from Charles Fail. I am very
pleased with it so far. I compared it with the
yas-52 and several others. Played them all
back to back. I liked the sound of the Voltrue
the best. They even gave me an old Dick Stable
mpc. for free. My more classical set-up so far
is this mpc with a ms fibracell with the rovner
dark 1RL. Great sound. For a lot more edge, a
runyon #6 spoiler with same lig and reed.
I've never played something that sounds so alive.
As for Charles Fail, I was delighted in every way
doing business with him and Russell. Met me on
saturday, {they are closed on sat.}. They let
me try a yas52 and 62, a Chu Berry, and several
others, all with various mpc's. Was there for 3
hours. I'd give them a 10. I am still looking for
a modern sax. I also tried a tenor for the first
time. So now I'm torn between a new alto or my first tenor.