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Leon Skyliner
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Oct 18th 10:30 PM
Anyone hear of these guys?
What set up did they use?
Lou played with Clifford Brown early 50.s, great bopper. I think he switched to an electronic hookup with his horn in the sixties. Lee Konitz did as well I believe.

But Earl's sound - wow!Those Mercury records from the 50s were something. What an altissimo range. I heard somewhere that Coltrane played with him in Tranes eary years?

W. Minier
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Oct 19th 3:46 AM
I loved these guys. I think I wore Donaldsons' Funky Mamma album out. Tommy Turrentine( Stanleys' brother) played trumpet and Grant Green on guitar and I think Brother Jack McDuff was on B3. Coltranes' stint with Bostic was cronilized in the book Chasing The Train. Bostics' recording of Coctails For Two was a minor hit around this area. Of course, being from Toledo, he was considered local. He(Bostic) was one of my early idols. I even had a recording from American Bandstand of one of his tunes called Pinky.
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Oct 19th 5:07 PM
Leon Skyliner:A few years ago,I read an interview w/Lou Donaldson in Jazz Times which said that he was using a Meyer (didn't say what number) and a Rico #2 reed. Hope this helps.
Bari Martin
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Oct 20th 1:02 PM
Bostic played a 'The Martin' alto in the early years when he made all those great records. He used some kind of hard rubber mouthpiece, maybe with a tenor reed. He was probably the best saxophone player, in a technical sense, of all.
leon Skyliner
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Oct 21st 9:59 PM
Earl, played a Martin, hmmm, with tenor reeds. So that's how he gets up to the stratosphere on Ebb Tide.His Royal Garden Blues really cooks too. Bostic was the first sax man I really listened to., then along came Johnny Hodges and his tone on his Buescher Aristocrat..Leon
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Oct 23rd 7:07 PM
lou is awesome.was? is he still alive? loved him. meyer 5 with selmer and he played soft like 2s reeds and had total control. very beautiful sound and could play so fast when he wanted. total feeling in every not
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Oct 23rd 7:07 PM
note ...
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Oct 25th 5:50 PM
Lou is alive, healthy and still playing his butt off. I heard him recently on NPR doing a live set. He sounds as good or better than ever. I have no idea why he's not getting more coverage. Great player.