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Andreas F
User ID: 0094674
Jul 24th 10:56 AM
Does anybody know steve's setup
(horn, mouthpiece, reeds)
i think he is one of the true originals today
no clone of somebody else

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Jul 24th 11:42 AM
Andreas,he plays a Selmer alto,someone told me a MK7 but I wasn't so close to him to see with my eyes.Selmer soloist mpc,I don't know what opening.
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Jul 24th 2:30 PM
someone around here said he uses a MK VII, and a Vandoren V5 A35. I recall that a participant here in this forum (don't remember who exactly!) met him and talked equipment.

I have always found his sound to be quite interesting. A bit like Kenny Garrett, but not as prone to "screaming" in the high register.
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Jul 24th 2:54 PM
Andreas, do you know Steve's homepage address? It's "".

from Bonn, Germany
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Jul 24th 5:12 PM
i am the one who met steve and batmans post is correct re the setup
Andreas F
User ID: 0094674
Jul 25th 1:52 AM
thank you all for the comments.
Markus, i know the m-base website, but there is no information about his setup

Andreas F
Andrew D
User ID: 1076954
Jul 25th 3:30 AM
I read somewhere in an interview that he plays a v11, he also stated that a good horn is a good horn and it's fundarmentally down to the player. He is definately a very creative individual. There is a site where you can download mp3s plus lots of info on this guy, I will try to find the url and get back to you
Andreas F
User ID: 0094674
Jul 25th 6:33 AM
Hello andrew d,

the url is
i know this site. its steve colemans site.
you can download tons of mp3s for free.

andreas f
User ID: 9892733
Jul 25th 11:15 PM
I knew he played a MKVII, but didn't know the set-up. In an interview with Jason DuMars he said he liked the metal in the VII, but it was ultimately up to the player.......haven't heard him. Tried to buy one of his CD's thru Hastings, but they said they were unavailable. I know he endorses Vandoren.