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Anthony G.
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Aug 15th 9:49 PM
What would be a good alto for marching band that is around the 200-300 range?
User ID: 8506593
Aug 15th 11:22 PM
Yamaha YAS23
User ID: 9614573
Aug 15th 11:25 PM
I have a Selmer Bundy from the 60s. With a good 'piece (in my case a Runyon Custom Spoiler) that sax will rip anyone a new one. It's pretty much a Buescher Aristocrat (because Selmer bought out Buescher in the early 60s.) Count on those saxophones being some of the best made student saxes. Ever.

And you can find them for cheap! My tenor was 300 on ebay and I love to play it as a backup.

mostly alto guy
User ID: 0122954
Aug 16th 10:33 AM
Anthony, I'll second in a way what JamesMan said, but I'll add that the occasional Selmer Signet you run across, the 60s ones with left side bell keys and the S-shaped bell brace, are also essentially late Buescher Aristocrats in design, albeit with somewhat less heavy metal in the body (I think). These can put just about any current production student horn, and a lot of intermediates, in the closet for good. Most of these I've seen fall into your price range, since a lot of people don't seem to realize how good they can be.
Carl H.
User ID: 8897163
Aug 16th 4:40 PM
I bought my Armstrong 14 years ago for $150 and it has been a solid horn. Big bore and heavy with fair intonation. I still keep it in studio for teaching beginner lessons. Used to get many compliments about my tone with a Lavoz MH on a link hr 7* and an early rovner.