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User ID: 0770504
Jun 30th 6:06 PM
I have been playing this horn for nearly 10 years.
Ihaven't touch no other. I'm asking will my sound more likely improve or be the same with a professional horn?
Mr. Versatile
User ID: 0317884
Jun 30th 7:40 PM
With 10 years of experience, you will probably notice quite a significant difference. Pro horns are usually easier to play as well.
User ID: 0770504
Jun 30th 8:06 PM
I got a budget of 2000-3000 what horn do you think would be best. Been thinking about yanagisawa?
User ID: 9892733
Jul 1st 1:24 AM
Good horn, well made.....holds up well. Selmer Serie II is in that range; try both. Get the one you like.
soprano player
User ID: 8290473
Jul 1st 2:11 AM
In the long run I would say the Selmer is more worthy of your money.
Mr. Versatile
User ID: 8805943
Jul 1st 9:43 PM
You'll just have to try some horns & pick what YOU like. Although I certainly have my preferences, I never suggest that anyone buy a paticular brand or model horn.