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User ID: 1495004
Jul 19th 4:13 AM
Hiya, I'm looking to buy a old alto, it's a $1200..
The details..

-silverplate, gold wash bell.
-"Martin handcraft" engraved on bell amidst floral stuff
-and S/N 87XXX, marked "LOW PITCH", "MARTIN"
-one of those old, musty, purple velvet-lined cases.

and too much expensive?
Anybody know anything?
User ID: 0930774
Jul 19th 4:27 AM
I have the same exact horn for sale-satin silver/goldwashed bell serial#68xxx,recently just completely overhauled with the original case that doesn't smell for $650.00-this is a great horn-email me at [email protected]
The Martin
User ID: 0631424
Jul 19th 6:01 AM
Have a look for the "price-estimates" on my site:

Also Steve Goodson's features a price list (of mint condition saxes)