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User ID: 1363014
May 5th 9:45 AM
I've seen setup forums for other horns, but none for alto. I play a Yani 991. Classical piece is an S90 170 (very closed facing). My Jazz piece is a NY meyer 6. I use a prototype Eddie Daniels Ligature for both mouthpieces. Reeds vary, generally Vandoren. What do you guys use?
User ID: 8353323
May 5th 12:09 PM
Silver Plated Guardala Artist Series Alto
Dukoff D8 w/ Dukoff Vibra-Free Ligature
Rico Plasticover 3 1/2 (live)
LaVoz Med/Med Hard or Vandoran V16 3
Dave Dolson
User ID: 9209903
May 5th 12:17 PM
A992, silver Buescher TT, gold-plated Cigar Cutter - it doesn't matter which horn I play, I use either a Meyer6S-Medium chamber or a Barone Jazz 7 with Rico Royal or Jazz Select #2, and standard metal lig. Music played is trad jazz (so-called Dixieland) from the '20's. DAVE
zadu May 5th 1:25 PM
A-992/yas-23: For rock/big band lead- Rovner 30-D6 mpc, Rovner ED-II lig using no plates, just the metal riveted in spring retainer,(but,it is too penetrating for small rooms). Rousseau 4r w/ std Bonade lig for anything else. Java or Grand Concert 3-3.5 reeds on either mpc. Most of my daily studies are done with the 4r.
User ID: 7364043
May 5th 5:59 PM
Selmer MKVII silver or 1921 silver Conn New Wonder. Legit=Selmer Soloist C* W/ Fibracell or
Superials. Jazz= JJ red #8 W/spoiler or Barone NY 6M HR. Rovner ligs and LaVoz or Rico Plasticovers. Depends on how loud I want to be.
User ID: 9892733
May 5th 11:43 PM
Mark VII alto....Soloist D/Hemke 3's, Rico 3's; Rovner Ram 30 Deep V no. 7/ Rico Jazz Select 3s filed, Rico 3's.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
May 6th 11:31 AM
Super 20 w/ silver neck - repadded w/ Presiti Premiums, nylon reso's. JVW/Meyer .081 or Lakey 7*3 .090. Rico Jazz Selects (unfiled).
User ID: 6570393
May 7th 7:03 AM
Conn 6M, Berg ss 110/0, Varilig lig, #2 Vandoren V-16's... for our blues band.
User ID: 0339064
May 7th 7:13 AM
late Mk VII, Dukoff M6 with "KindOfRouver" Lig just leather and Rico Royal 2 1/2
User ID: 0234554
May 7th 7:20 AM
Keilwerth SX90R sterling silver neck & bell, Charles Bay Nuance #6 mouthpiece, Charles Bay ligature, and Alexander DC or superial reeds
User ID: 0234554
May 7th 7:23 AM
Selmer Mark VI (circa 1964)
MC Gregory 4A16 mouthpiece (circa 1940's)
LaVoz MH reeds (circa 2002)
standard 2 screw brass ligature (circa 1999)
User ID: 0339064
May 7th 7:48 AM
I like that: "LaVoz MH reeds (circa 2002)"
Like 'You never know how old your reeds really are!' :-)
User ID: 0756324
May 7th 8:01 AM
Yamaha 875 Custom
Morgan 7E
Gigliotti Ligature
Vandoren Java #3

Classical: Rousseau NC4; Hemke #4
User ID: 9767833
Jun 7th 9:37 AM
King Super 20 Silver Sonic
Berg Rubber 105/1
Rico Royal #3
Rovner Ligature
User ID: 8868883
Jun 7th 11:03 AM
Selmer III flat matte alto
Vandoren V5 A28 mpc
Vandoren Optimum or Rovner light lig
Rico Grand Concert 2.5 reeds
Chris P.
User ID: 9649143
Jun 7th 11:12 AM
Selmer Mark VI 88xxx (1960)
Selmer C*, Hemke 3 (Classical)
Meyer 6M, V-16 3 (Jazz)
Rovner Lig for both
User ID: 1411674
Jun 7th 12:10 PM
Buescher Aristocrat 333xxx (1950)
Runyon Smoothbore 7 mpc. w/ Rovner lig.
Rico (any variety) #2 reed
User ID: 0860834
Jun 7th 12:32 PM
For legit:
Buffet S1 (1981)
Morgan 6M
Vandoren Opt lig
Vandoren, LaVoz, Hemke, Rico, etc.--(if it works, I'll play it)

For pure fun:
JK 75
JK Jazz 7
Vandoren Opt lig
Fibracell Med
User ID: 9070813
Jun 7th 12:52 PM
Buescher Big B 324xxx (1949)
50's vintage Berg HR 85/0 with custom baffle work
Rovner Dark lig
Vandoren (blue box) #2.5
Old Guy
User ID: 0819174
Jun 7th 12:55 PM
Yamaha 875 Custom
Jody Jazz 7 with spoiler
Hemke 2 1/2 or Java 2 1/2
Winslow Ligature
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