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Neck New MP - HELP
User ID: 1139804
Jul 12th 6:39 AM
My alto is a Yani-A901. I bought a Beechler Bellite metal 6 today (No: B41-B881/M6) but it doesn't fit my Yani's neck, Beechler is too small. I grind the cork and it almost nothing now but still unable to fit the Beechler, it almost 15% flat.

I can find a horn technican to change the cork but I think the Yani neck diameter is too large to fit this MP. I like this new MP very much, easy to play & the sound is great. What should I do? Change a neck? What neck? If I change a New Yani like silver plating, it may also unable to fit the Beechler....If I get a Selmer or Yamaha neck, it is completely different sound, not Yani.
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Jul 12th 6:45 AM
Joey, Changing the neck cork yourself is very easy, if you are careful. Paul C. has a very detailed descrition of this if you follow his links of the main SOTW page. You CAN do it ... dont give up .... all is not lost..... :)

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Jul 12th 6:46 AM
What horn did you play the mouthpiece on to know how good it is?
User ID: 1139804
Jul 12th 7:32 AM

As I said it's a Yani (YANAGISAWA) Alto 901. I have a Meyer M5, YanI HR#7, Jumbo Java A55. Meyer is also good but I like the Beechler more. And, Meyer is much difficult to get the high note because tip opening is very small (70).

I like my new Beechler the most, very easy to get the high notes & also low notes. Not only this factors, but most important I like the Beechler sound.

Change the cork is OK. I just afraid my Yani neck is too small fit that Beechler...

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Jul 12th 7:37 AM
What im saying is how do you know that the mouthpiece plays so well if you cant get even get the mouthpiece to fit the neck?
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Jul 12th 8:27 AM
Note also that on the Yani neck (on my yani neck, anyway), there is a metal ring at the end of the neck (the cork does not go all the way to the neck end, it butts up against this end ring). So, even if you change the cork, the ring diameter may still be too wide ? and don't you mean that your neck is too *large* ?
User ID: 0505634
Jul 12th 10:47 AM
If you see my pervious post, I said it's 15% flat after doing some grinding work. For example: The cork length is 5cm, when I bought this MP at the horn shop, my MP can only plug into about 2cm and of-course out of tune (25% flat). Which mean I still can plug the Beechler into the neck and listen to the sound, play some high notes & low notes. And that's why I said I like the sound & it's mush easier to play the high notes than my Meyer M5.

If my the metal ring is the problem to plug the Beechler all in (or fit on-tune point), I don't think I can plug the MP into the neck even 0.5cm. However, after I grind the cork, it's about 5 to 10% flat on all notes except Eb. Eb is almost on tune.

After grinding the cork, now it can goes into 2.5cm but still about 5 to 10% out of tune (flat). I think it's about 1cm spart of the right point (on -tune point) on the cork. However, the cork is almost gone, metal is comes out....I will find a sax technician for help.
User ID: 1376304
Jul 12th 12:19 PM
O ok, i see. So you just need to get it back further to get it in tune.
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
Jul 17th 6:22 PM
"And, Meyer is much difficult to get the high note because tip opening is very small (70). "
This is easier to fix than what appears to be a destruction of you horns neck...