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Jun 28th 3:01 PM
Being on a limited budget and wanting to finally get a "new" pro sax, I'm caught between a Yanagisawa 901 and a Yamaha 62 alto. I've heard only good things about each. Yes, I'd love to have the silver bell Yani, the black 875 or even an "old Mark VI", but I also drive a Ford instead of Jag. Money is an object! I'd sure like some thoughts on the merits/disadvantages of the two. Thanks in advance.
Dave Dolson
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Jun 28th 5:33 PM
TxTate: From my experiences with both makes, I prefer Yanagisawa. I had a Yamaha silver sop (Yss62S) and although it played nicely, the tone was mediocre. All of my Yanas (two altos and three sops) play just as good as any yamaha I've owned or tested, plus they have some character in their sound. In fact, my Yana sops outplay anything I've played before. DAVE
User ID: 0875014
Jul 1st 11:31 AM
Thanks Dave. I'm been thrashing back and forth on this decision. You opinion helps.
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Jul 1st 11:36 AM
Have a look at the comparativve tests by my friend Steve Birtwistle at - go to the bottom LHS of the home page.

Steve is a pro player of awesome abilities and he uses an A901 as his alto of choice. Both Y's are good horns, though.