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Big B
User ID: 9433023
Jul 5th 1:49 AM
Is there any place on the net where I ca find a yanagisawa 991 silver plate alto sax cause I like the feel of silver better but don't want to get thee prices for any " silversonics " ( the four digit ones like the 9930 and 9937 ) And if anyone would like to help me compare is ir worthit it caus eI am looking for this as an major upgrade from my King 660 which is really crapy so what are the advantages to upgrading.
User ID: 8868883
Jul 5th 9:59 AM
Try - they did have one I believe. There are not nearly so many around, but I found the plate not only made the horn feel better, but it seemed to sound better too. I have a T901S which I got second hand and it is in a whole different league than the lacquer one, and I found this true in the A901 and A991 which I tried as well.
User ID: 0526904
Jul 5th 11:23 AM
anyone know how the price of a black lacquer a991 and a silver plate a991 compare?
Big B
User ID: 9433023
Jul 5th 6:30 PM
Well I sent in a price quote to chuck levins and the black lacquer 991 was at a 2295 price tag while the silver 991 was at 2495 price(the same as the price of a 992)
User ID: 9084913
Jul 6th 3:05 PM