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Jul 3rd 9:34 PM
When do the Selmer Ref. 54 Altos come out? and I heard that Yamaha is comin out with a new line next year, is that true? If so do we know what it's gonna be called? Also do we know the prices on these saxs.
Much Thx
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Jul 4th 6:26 AM
Ref Altos due spring 2003, not released so no sprice - guess same as Serie III + 25%.

Yamaha has a something underway combining features of YAS 62 and Custom. It has been debated on this forum recently.
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Jul 8th 2:57 PM
Why no Ref 36 alto? Is it to keep BA prices high? If so, it sure is working.
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Jul 16th 9:11 PM
have there been any official announcments on the Yamaha or Selmer Web pages...been looking around on both and cant find anything
User ID: 9544623
Jul 17th 2:06 AM

Check the Selmer website sax discussion board at -

The board moderator Miles Osland has posted a review of the Ref 54 in one of his threads.