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Jul 15th 3:21 AM
My Beechler Bellite metal (No. 6) doesn't fit for my Yani alto 901. My horn repair technician told me the metal ring at the end on the neck, which restricted the Beechler going inside. This metal ring must be removed then to do welding process, no problem to use other MP beside Beechler, just use pipe tape. And, will not influence the sound without this metal ring. My question is:

Is it true there is no influence on my original Yani sound without this metal ring?
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Jul 15th 8:37 AM
ohhh, so now it *is* the metal ring ! The Beechler is *that* important to justify hacking up the neck ? Joey, take a step back .... breathe ... you're going through too much equipment lust.
Jerry K.
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Jul 15th 8:52 AM
I'm with Bohosheets, shake yourself and get a different mouthpiece. There are lot's of excellent mouthpieces out there so no need to destroy your neck for a mouthpiece. Sell the Beechler and order a bunch of mouthpieces from Woodwind & Brasswind to try. I'm sure you can find a piece that you like without destroying your neck.
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Jul 15th 8:59 AM
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Jul 15th 11:17 PM
My horn repair technician confirmed to me they will not cut-off the neck. Just take out the metal ring (need welding) then put a new layer of cork on. The new cokr will be a bit longer than teh old one to cover the metal ring area. No influence on the neck & sound. Just a little metal ring, not a big deal. If you can tell me what big function of this metal ring, may be I will consider immediatley to stop their work.

So, does Selmer or other horn also have this metal ring?
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Jul 15th 11:47 PM
Joey, the ring has a big effect on sound and resistance. Stop your tech immediately.

I would be tempted to contact Beechler about the problem first. Sounds like a defective mouthpiece. I would measure the dianmeter of your neck ring and the inner diameter of the back chamber and have that info handy when I called them.

If you really want to use the Beechler, get some emory cloth (sandpaper on cloth, basically), tear off a 4" by 4" section, wrap it around your finger, and begin sanding the back chamber of the Beechler until it's large enough to fit over your neck ring. Also, make sure the neck is off the horn and don't push down on the octave key when checking the Beechler for fit. Don't try to force the mouthpiece on, you don't want to bend anything.
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Jul 15th 11:51 PM
Before i sold my Yani A992 alto i have the same problem. Manu mouthpieces would not fit.

I guess the question is,if they take it off and it doesn't play well can they put it back on?
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Jul 16th 3:05 AM

If the sound change (to bad) after take off the ring, I will buy a new Yani neck. I'm insist to do this. I know it sound so crazy but I'm willing to make a try because I like the Beechler MP sound very much.

Some people say a Jumbo Java can produce similar sound but I have a JJ, complete different sound
for my ear. Also, Dukoff is mae, I test before but I don't like the sound.