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Jul 5th 10:55 AM
I have 2 Hard-Rubber MP for my Yana 901 alto, both are medium chamber & I use Fribracell 2.5 (I also tried Java no. 2, sa,e result)

1) Yana Hard-Rubber #7 (Tip opening face-TOF = 90 to 95)
2) Meyer M5 (Tip opening face = 70)

The Meyer has much better sound than the Yana. However, Yana MP is much easier to get high notes (left hand side key for D to F#) than the Meyer M5. I wonder if both are medium chamber, more opening tip face should require more air support & should more difficult to play the high note?

If I'm wrong. Is that mean a Dukoff metal D6 (TOF = 75) has better high notes response than D5 (TOF = 70) ?
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Jul 9th 8:56 AM
You kept the reed the same, so the more open MP had more resistance. This would make high notes easier to hit for you, but will probaly make the low notes difficult to play softly. You can gain more resistance on your Meyer by using a harder reed. Try a 3. You may still like the sound and will be able to get the high notes easier.