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Jul 1st 11:35 AM
..Yamaha 275. I'm going to buy a saxophone in next year and I have to sell my 275 then. How much should i ask for it?
I like 275 really much (great sound and easy to play). But sometimes it doesn't feel tat it's MY saxophone.
I want to feel the 'old times jazz' when I play. What saxophone would be good for me? Maybe I am the only onr who knows it but it would be great to hear your experiences from alto saxophones, especially YAMAHA and SELMER.
Dave Dolson
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Jul 1st 5:14 PM
olio: If you are looking for "old times jazz" sound, then I suggest you play what those guys played when jazz was new . . . Conns, Bueschers and Selmers (and other vintage makes, but those three are the prominent ones).

In my opinion, you may struggle trying to get a new horn to play like that. I've tried new Selmers and Yamahas and the only new altos that play for me are Yanagisawas (I have one - an A992). My 1924 silver Buescher TT alto with the new Soloist F mouthpiece gives me that sound - and I've been after it for years. I also have a 1932 Selmer Cigar Cutter that plays great. There are vendors who frequent SOTW (Gayle of comes to mind) who specialize in vintage saxophones. For the price of a new intermediate horn you can buy a good vintage horn. Good luck. DAVE
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Jul 2nd 11:09 AM
I have a Selmer S80II alto that I've had since about 1991. I think it's quite possible to set an older style Hodges-style sound with this, or an edgier, more modern sound. IMO the sound depends more on the m'piece/reed choice, and ESPECIALLY the way you produce sound, than the horn itself. Maybe the sound would be even more '40's style if I used an older Buescher or whatever, but I do think that what I can get now is fairly close, without tying me into that sound too much.

Also if you want to get the sound of players from those days what makes most difference is just listening to them and copying their phrasing and so on ... stating the obvious, but the sound is from the player not the horn, no?

(Of course, I might try a vintage horn mext week and take all that back ...)