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May 15th 6:38 PM
What's the difference between the two altos?
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May 15th 7:50 PM
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May 16th 10:11 AM
thanks, that was really helpful :-), What I am asking what is the difference quality wise, are they both student horns?, is the yas 23 an upgraded student horn.
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May 16th 10:34 AM
Not really much difference, its just the advance over time, they are the entry level Yamaha student sax. Still better than almost any other modern student sax, though. The 23 was superseded by the 25 which had a high F# key, then the 25L which had lacquered rather than nickel silver keys and rods, and then the 275 which is a re-model with new crook, gold rather than clear lacquer and some revised key design. The 21 will be a fairly old horn and unless its very cheap and in especially good nick, you might do better looking for a newer horn; the 275 which is only sold in Europe is really good and actually listed at less money than the 25 it replaced. I believe they continue with the 23 in the USA and have it locally assembled.
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May 16th 10:40 AM
The 21 and 23 are both respectable student horns. The 21 is the older of the two.
The 23 was superseded in Europe by the YAS25 in the Mid to late 90s this in turn was superseded by the YAS275, but I believ that the story is slightly different in the states.

Either way you would be dealing with a second hand horn the choice between 21 and 23 would be on playing and cosmetic condition. Either one , in good condition, is a fine instrument.
On the Maintenance thread Gordon speaks very highly of the reliability of both, but a 21 could be nearly 30 years old.
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May 17th 12:13 PM
Thanks for the information DougR and Stevew.
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Jun 8th 9:41 AM
Hello I have a yas-275 wich is a amazing yamaha sax student, the horn is perfect. I'm living in canada and I bought it on internet at I save 1000$ can dollar. So if you want an extremly good sax student,just make your dream come true with the yas-275.
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Jun 8th 12:21 PM
I second Glue's statement.
I had a YAS275 last year that darn near sounded like my YAS62. It was hard to tell the difference. The 275 is a real nuce horn. It looks good because it has the high F# and the keys are the same color as the body.
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Jul 1st 9:18 AM
I am looking to purchase an alto for my daughter, who has been renting for the past two years. The two finalists are the yamaha 275 and the Selmer AS300. Can anyone commit on these? I know the 275 will have to be imported from Europe, but other than that, is there a difference? Also looking down the road in about four years she might be upgrading, so I have to factor in the resale value.
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Jul 1st 9:46 AM
AS300 is a glorified Bundy, imho, and a 275 can be gotten in the US.
If you are interested in resale, then if it were me I would look for a gently used YAS 32 or 52 or Allegra. They have pro features at a student price, when bought used. They are consistent horns with resellability. Good luck. A 275 is a student horn that is lacquered the same color, with an adjustable thumbrest and an F sharp. They may sound great but they are nonetheless a student sax. If you anticipate reasonably quick upgrading, I wouldn't start with a student sax, just my opinion. I have two sons that started on YAS23/Vito. Neither spent much time on them before they needed a pro horn, so if you already anticipate an upgrade-unless it is needed for marching band, look higher. Good luck.
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Jul 1st 10:04 AM
If the YAS 275 is the top of your budget, then go for it; it will handle difficult pieces in so far as the intonation is accurate and the keywork is sound. As LL says it is still a student sax, though better than any just about other, and a quality mouthpiece will make a world of difference to the tone.

The resale value is excellent but you will find some European retailers say they are barred from exporting Yamahas to the USA because of restrictive sales practices by Yamaha.

If your daughter has 2 years' playing then she would probably get the benefit of an intermediate or semi-pro horn like a YAS 62, Keilwerth EX or Yanagisawa A901. These will all cost about 65% more than the Yamaha, but it is worth looking for a secondhand one.

Many people here will recommend a secondhand classic horn from Conn, Martin and other makes like these. My 2 cents worth is that whilst they can sound great and are well-made, the ergonomics of some of them at least is a struggle for a youngster. Certainly, this was the case with my daughter who finds the Yamaha YAS 275 a breeze compared to several pro quality altos I have owned.
Lost Lamb
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Jul 1st 10:35 AM
If you are in America, a fair number of 32s come along on ebay. We have bought several, in alto and tenor, for less than the wwbw price of a new YAS23. We have also bought, used, a couple of YAS61s for that price. 62s are in the neighborhood of $1000, used. Allegros are a bit more, used. Bargains are out there on Yamahas, mailorder and used. Good luck.
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Jul 1st 10:52 AM
I have a yas 275 bought through USA Horns and I love it. I am an Aduld that picked it back up after a 28 year layoff. I can not say enough good things about this horn. Even the tech that checked it out locally was impressed with everything about the horn. Very responsive and a great sound.
I do not see me outgrowing this horn for quite awhile. I play for fun and in the ensemble at church. Got mine new early this year for $970 usd.
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Jul 1st 5:37 PM
I am glad jimmy is happy with his 275 new for @ $1000, but a used pro Yamaha can easily be purchased for that price. I have bought 32s 52s 61s and 62s for less than that.