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Jun 18th 7:59 AM
Can anyone tell me the approximate value of a Conn Alto 18M in good condition? The serial # on this horn is N210163. Is it a student horn? Any idea of about when it was made? Thanks very much.
User ID: 9788223
Jun 18th 6:50 PM

I don't have a value for you but I'd read somewhere that the serial # with an 'N'in it may mean Nogalas, as in Mexico. That may be a Mexican built horn and not worth as much. Maybe 3 or $400. Don't take my opinion as truly accurate. Someone else should verify my information.

mutha potamus
User ID: 8604013
Jun 18th 7:21 PM
With an "N" prefix it's Mexican. While I'm not that fond of these horns, others like Cashsax swear by theirs.

As far as value is concerned, you could probably get up to $500 (and up to $700) for one on ebay. As far as I'm concerned, resale value is a moot point unless you're a parent buying a horn for a child. The kid might not want to stick with it... If you're buying a horn for yourself...does it work for you?
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Jun 24th 10:51 PM
Check under "Conn" for more on this.