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User ID: 1655274
Jul 10th 11:51 AM
I can't find a good neck strap (for lato) in my local horn shop. Either BG or very cheap stuff. Any mail web site I can make a choice to place order? Better if they have the photo.
User ID: 1655274
Jul 10th 11:52 AM
Forgot to say, don't want classic player use strap. Better for jazz although it may look similar.
User ID: 0234554
Jul 11th 10:25 AM
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
Jul 15th 9:19 AM
Yea, Woodwind and Brasswind have a really large selection of neck straps. I like the Crescent best, but it's pricy...
Roger Aldridge
User ID: 0735934
Jul 15th 10:04 AM
I, too, like the Crescent neck strap. It's deep and narrow hook is the best that I've found so far for doubling.

Personally, I didn't find the Crescent to be as comfortable as the Neotech strap. So, I performed some surgery on it. I took a Neotech strap apart and attached it's neck pad to my Crescent. I simply used black electrical tape to do the job. Primitive, but it works. I'm extremely happy with this modified Crescent neck strap.
Dave Dolson
User ID: 9209903
Jul 15th 12:04 PM
Andy: There is an interesting thread on neck straps under Accessories. Bottom line - I like the Yana straps and use them for alto. The Neotech is uncomfortable to me because of that huge neck piece (hot and distracting because of the size). The Yana strap's hook is the best I've used - no release mechanism yet the open hook will not dislodge without pressure. DAVE
Wolf Codera
User ID: 8701433
Jul 15th 12:29 PM
does anyone out there use a neckstrap of the VarioClip neckstrap system?
User ID: 8381693
Jul 16th 3:11 AM
There are many neck strap in don't have photo (include Crescent neck strap). I need to see it before place an order because I live thousand miles away. Which web site I can see more photo?

I've seen a neck strap for a alto player in TV, it is a string but not strap. Any idea WHAT Brand & model?
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
Jul 17th 6:18 PM

WW&BW has a no-questions-asked return policy, the worst you can be out is shipping, which is generally US mail, cheap. Order the ones you're interested in and return the others (or all).

The crescent strap has a narrow and deep hook. This helps keep in in place better than anything except a locking hook.

The problems with a locking hook (at least for me) is that the interfere with the side-key linkage on my Mark VI alto. And, I cannot switch to another instument fast enough.