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Jul 7th 8:15 PM
I saw a Selmer metal MP for alto. it's sound nice. A little bit bright, very rich and full but not such kind of bright like Beechler or Dukoff. I don't know what model it is. I would like to know:

1) How many different kinds of metal MP for Alto from Selmer? What's the model name

2) What's the difference of the sound - which is more bright & full, which is more dark?
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Jul 8th 12:57 AM
Selmer Paris makes a metal jazz piece and a metal classical piece. Both in the standard facings C* to F.....the metal jazz is bright and the metal classical piece is darker. The rest depends on what facing (tip opening) you get.
soprano player
User ID: 8290473
Jul 8th 3:15 AM
Actually both metal pieces have facings from C* to J.
User ID: 0791694
Jul 8th 4:07 AM
I used a metal jazz 'E' for a long time, stil have it. Like it a lot. Preferred it over any other metal piece I found for alto ... loud, powerful, but can also play very soft and beautiful. Also controllable.
User ID: 9892733
Jul 8th 4:09 AM
That's true, but a J sure would be radical for alto and hard to control.
Brice B.
User ID: 9649143
Jul 8th 8:11 AM
I have an F for sale if anyone is interested. It's in great shape.

[email protected]
User ID: 8165573
Jul 8th 11:06 AM
Brice B.

Why you want to sell this Selmer Jazz F? danmcb's comment is excellent, not good for you?
Brice B.
User ID: 8402073
Jul 8th 4:08 PM
It is honestly just too big of an opening for me. Otherwise, I think it is a great MP.
User ID: 8924643
Jul 10th 1:01 AM

F is about 85, how long you have been playing? I have a Jumbo Java A55 (95) but too open for me. I'm afraid it also too opening for me.

My ideal Selmer Jazz is 80 tip opening, it should be E.

By the way, anybody who have compared Beechler Bellite Custom & Selmer Jazz? One of them is my choice. I just afraid Beechler sound is too bright (Bright may be OK but I'm afraid it sound too dry).

soprano player
User ID: 2170744
Jul 10th 5:59 AM
The Beechler Bellite is not actually as bright as you think. But of course it's a bit brighter than a selmer jazz. The difference is like a plain runyon and a runyon with a spoiler.
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Jul 10th 6:51 AM
soprano player,

So, which is more easy to control & handle (Beechler Bellite & Selmer Jazz)? Because if I buy Beechler, I need give to a horn technician to re-size of my cork, Beechler MP is very narrow. For Selmer Jazz, I don't need to do anything.

Also, I think Beechler is more match for modern music like smooth Jazz??
User ID: 8492403
Jul 12th 12:36 AM
I have a metal C** Jazz alto piece for sale if anyone's interested. Came with my horn (along with a bunch of other pieces), but the tip opening is too small for me.

soprano player
User ID: 2170744
Jul 12th 2:37 AM
The Selmer jazz is easier to handle and sounds better for my ears. I prefer a Selmer with bigger opening (at least J, or reface to .110) so you can play loud or mellow on the same piece. I like it so much that I have a set of Selmer Classic metal and Jazz metal for both Alto and Tenor, and 2 classics for soprano. But you are right, if you want the smooth jazz sound like Everette Harp, Beechler is the one for you. Try as many as you can, because some Beechlers have uneven rails and tables.