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Jun 27th 5:39 PM
I am mainly a tenor and a bari player. And my setups on all of my horns are pretty open: soprano 8* link, alto meyer 9 small chamber, tenor morgan EL and bari metallite 8M, all with medium soft reeds, except alto which medium reeds because the medium soft was too soft. My alto is a jupiter artist series with a sterling silver neck. My alto tone is big and full, but not as pitch centered as the other horns I play, and it's a bit honkey. Like if I had to compare my sound to a pro it would probably be kenny garrett, but obviously not in the same ball park. I would really like to have more a sonny stitt like tone. Also, I really seem to have problems with my vibrato on just alto. I transcribe stitt and cannonball solos and play along with recordings but these problems still persist. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a million,
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Jun 28th 9:21 AM
Go to a smaller alto m/p, like a 7 medium or so...
Jerry K.
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Jun 28th 9:25 AM
You might also try like a Meyer 5 or 6 as well with perhaps a V16 2.5 reed. This setup works pretty well for me on alto.