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Jun 19th 10:35 PM
The high F# key on right hand is fairly new design on saxophone. I would like to know does all Mark VI (Included alto & tenor) has no high F# key?

toot suite
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Jun 19th 11:48 PM
Mk VI horns were made both with and without the high F# key.
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Jun 20th 12:28 AM
In the US, Mark VI's with a high F# were a special order item. Almost all the French assembled VI's I've seen have the high F#, which leads me to believe that a VI with no high F# was a special order item in Europe.

It's generally thought that the high F# on VI's mellows the sound too much for jazz, especially on alto. I've found that with the French assembled horns, which tend to be brighter, the high F# helps compensate for the extra brightness.
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Jun 20th 12:14 PM
The high F# on my MK VI ten. facilitates getting the G in such a way that it sounds like the rest of the horn, as opposed to falsetto.