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May 25th 12:01 PM
My Yana alto 901, brand-new when bought 3 months before.

G# (left hand little finger table key)
Bb (Right hand little finger)

These 2 pads are stick from time to time, need to use finger remove the pad (just slighty move the pad up & down one time then it back to work normal). However, everytime after practice I use thin & clean paper (sometime power paper) to absolute the saliva very genal , never pull out the paper.

Do you have this problem & what's wrong on the spring? How to solve/minimize the problem?
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May 26th 7:04 AM
My repadded Conn 6m G# does the same thing...I fold a dollar bill twice and slide it under the pad when I put the horn in its case.The oils in the bill seem to help.
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May 26th 11:43 AM

There are oils one the money??? How come? It's only a piece of paper.
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May 26th 1:25 PM
Andy, those are trouble pads on most horns, with sticking -- i.e. when sticking starts, it will usually be those pads, along with the C# (both of them) and B, where they are 2 piece construction. Partly, this is because the springs you are mentioning are the finest/weakest on the horn, along with the C#2 spring. On some horns, the angle of the key cup's approach to the tone hole, and sometimes the presence of burrs along the tone hole (on straight tone hole horns), will contribute.

Try Steve's suggestion, and also paper by itself, and you'll probably find that, for whatever reason (probably because the grit of the bill removes dirt from the pad, possibly while leaving something "unsticky" behind) it just plain works.

You may also be able to address the problem by applying Olde English furniture oil before sessions (and before the horn is wet with saliva/condensation). Or, what you need may be a tweak to the springs, to increase upward tension.
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May 27th 11:11 AM
Thanks. Can I put a little bit cork grease on?
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May 27th 1:47 PM
That will probably only make things worse. Go to your closest supermarket. They should have Olde English oil, and pipecleaners (to apply), too.
Steve Cars
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May 28th 5:46 PM
Bauch and Lombe Sight Savers (eye glasses wipes) work better than dollar bills.

Also you might try the Yamaha powder paper (made for this purpose) as well as Charlie A's Gig Dust and Crud Patches. Find these at and the latter at
also see