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Jun 1st 1:28 PM
I heard some people said a new when you get a brand new sax, got to blow it sometime then the real (nice) sound to come.

I know a new pair of loud speaker is the case but is it true for saxophone? If so, how many hours should play in order to get it's real nice sound?

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Jun 1st 1:32 PM
Oh, I'd say about 40 years :)
That's why I prefer vintage saxes.
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Jun 2nd 11:58 AM
Unlike speakers, the moving parts of a sax do not directly affect the sound. However, the player changes how they play the horn, so the time needed to break in the sound of a sax depends on the player.
Ian O'B.
User ID: 0979534
Jun 2nd 12:08 PM
I think you are thinking of something else, MBushaw. There's a difference between getting yourself accustomed to getting a good tone out of the sax, and breaking in an INHERENT good tone that all experienced players to come will get from the sax.

The first comes from becoming familiar with your instrument. The second comes from decades of playing and thus removing stress from the brass, changing the sound over the years, usually for the better. This is what the whole vintage sax thing is all about, and I'm one of these folk :) However with the cryo treatment process done by people like Steve Goodson, a new horn can get a more mellow, relaxed tone and response, similar to those of vintage horns. Cryo usually costs a few hundred bucks, and it is a good thing to do to a new horn like for example Yamaha Custom or Selmer series III, if you want to achieve a more mellow and "vintage" tone on a more modern instrument.