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Apr 25th 5:53 PM
My son's music teacher wants him to find an alto solo he loves, to then transcribe it and then to memorize it and make it his own. One of my favorites is an amazing alto solo by Eric Dolphy on Stormy Weather with a bass support by Charles Mingus. Truly gorgeous. At fourteen though, he likes a more contemporary sound. Any suggestions?
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Apr 26th 12:18 AM
Are you looking for a jazz solo or a classical alto solo?
Riley-Mac Apr 26th 6:04 AM
Jazz Saxy
Fun Bun
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Apr 26th 6:05 AM
I think transcribing Cannonbal Adderly would be easily accessible for your solo. Pick something like Mercy, Mercy, Mercy or some of Cannonballs more pop oriented stuff.

If he likes new stuff then Hank Crawford is good. That is the person David Sanborn listened to.
Fun Bun
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Apr 26th 6:15 AM
Also, Maceo Parker (James Brown's alto player) would me great. He is my favorite.

You hear some of his mp3s here:
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Apr 26th 6:54 AM
I didnt know Crawford was Sanborn's inspiration. Now that you mention it though, I can sure see the connection. Cannonball is obviously great but Maceo might be more fun for a kid. I'll check out that Maceo sight............thanks all
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Apr 26th 6:56 AM
I was just thinking. All these guys are ancient to a 14 year old. Any suggestions about solos from younger players?
Fun Bun
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Apr 26th 7:57 AM
Does your son expect another 14 year old kid to play the way a 50 year old veteran with 40 years of playing under his belt?
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Apr 26th 1:25 PM
Fun....... I didn't hear Riley putting down the older players and I think it just makes sense that people connect to artists more in their generation. That doesn't need to imply we don't revere, learn and enjoy the contributions made by previous generations, but I think most would say they were most influenced by the sounds of their day. I got into jazz around the time of Coltrane's death. Adderley was still strong, Pharoh Saunders, John Surman, Charles Lloyd, Jarett, Miles, Wayne Shorter etc etc. Great music no doubt, but I suspect most people in their twenties today would not site these artists as their strongest inspiration, more likely mentioning people nearer their age range. Its been that way with every generation I can recall. There must be some good younger alto players people can mention. Greg Osby comes to mind.
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Apr 26th 1:48 PM
Kenny Garrett comes to mind..
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Apr 26th 3:45 PM
I hear what you're saying Fun, and actually agree with you. If ya want to learn to play, you just aint goin to do much better than listening to and emulating the likes of Cannonball, Maceo et al. They're the best no doubt and my son does listen to them. But when his freinds say "who do you know that plays jazz thats under 50", I think it'd feel good for him to be able to mention a few players that arent eligible to join AARP in addition to those that are.

Osby and Garrett are great recommendations. Are there any particular cuts with major solos? Anyone else?
james Apr 26th 8:20 PM
My favorite player is charlie parker so if he does go with something old myabe a solo of his would impress his teacher
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Apr 28th 8:01 PM
phill woods solo on just the way you are. a masterpeice!
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Jun 7th 9:41 AM
Way to go super20dan. I agree. Phil Woods is my main man although I like Cannonball due to the horn he played (same as mine)
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Jun 7th 10:11 AM
Woods on just about anything is impressive no matter what age.
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Jun 7th 10:45 AM
There's a young player here (New Orleans) named Aaron Fletcher. From what I understand, he just BLEW UP after disappearing for something like 3 months, and resurfacing to amaze every one. Studying his solos might teach the thing that Fletcher figured out, to make that jump.

He can be heard (I think?) on Los Hombres Calientes -- several young players in that group -- recordings & possibly with Terrance Blanchard (sp?).
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Jun 7th 11:00 AM
How about Dave Koz, or Eric Marienthal?
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Jun 7th 12:09 PM
My favor - Eric Marienthal's Last Day of Summer