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Apr 27th 4:51 PM
Could anyone tell what the characteristics of them are and their experiences/opinions of them? I'm not very familiar with the make.


I Fallon
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Apr 27th 8:40 PM
JB. Check out eBay #862342810. It is a Selmer Bundy Special that was made by Keilwerth. This is a pro horn marketed by Selmer as a student horn back in the 1950's because German labor was so cheap at the time. Rolled tone holes, accurate tone production and a big sound. If you can get it for around $250 and put a few bucks in it by a tech, you will be very happy.

I have one and they are definitely sleepers. Enjoy.

Riley-Mac Apr 28th 5:42 PM
The higher end Keilwerths are absolutely fantastic horns. Well made (by hand) and designed. They have rolled tone holes which give a much better pad fit minimizing leaks. They also have a larger bell and bow, providing a deep resonant sound similar to the old Conn's. They can and do sharpen up wonderfully though if you're looking for a more contemporary sound, just by using a brighter mouthpiece setup. The salesman at WW&BW who owns a Mark VI, says the best sounding sax made is the Kielwerth. After play testing every major horn in the place, I believe im. You cannot go wrong with a Keilwerth. Oh, one more thing.........they have a specially designed G# key, that will never jam as they frequently do on other horns.
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Apr 29th 5:02 PM
Thanks for the replys guys! I'll definitely check them out.

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May 1st 6:42 AM
Whats the opinion on the new solid nickel silver model..I presume its a better alloy than brass..Does it sound very much different (better?) than the other top JK's..?
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May 28th 11:51 AM
Cash.....The only thing I've heard on the solid nickel model is they project a slight bit more. I havn't heard one personally, so I can't say from my own experience. In that Keilwerths have great projection to begin with, I don't know that any increased projection is necessary, but that's certainly a personal taste. On the higher end Keilwerths, I can't say enough. They have a richness of tone, I havn't heard in any other modern horn outside of the Selmer references. It's beyond me that they aren't played in much larger numbers by the more prominent musicians.
mostly alto guy
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May 28th 12:57 PM
A lot of players still have "Selmeritis," aka the infamous "5D6" syndrome.

So let JKs be less popular--makes them better priced for the enlightened.
Dr G
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May 28th 3:10 PM
Well, since you mentioned it... I don't care for the feel of the JK mechanism - from the bezel-less pearls on down. And yes, I play a Selmer. I like 'em. Been playing them for almost 30 years. They've been good to me. Is that "Selmeritis" or just knowing what works for me?
mostly alto guy
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May 28th 3:18 PM
For you it's a wise and well made decision. For some it's a knee-jerk reaction to a marketing trend.
Dr G
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May 28th 3:35 PM
Thanks, MAG. Any update on your tenor questing?

I remain a MTG, my Super 20 is still on the bench. The good news is that it'll have a few fine mouthpieces to choose from when it comes home.
mostly alto guy
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May 28th 4:15 PM
My tenor quest is, shall we say narrowing. I love my SX90R alto, and I'm just plain going to buy a SX 90R tenor. Could be nickel silver, or maybe black nickel. Stephan might wind up making me a custom job.

I'm also quite fond of my S1 alto, so I'm thinking about having a tenor one of those as well. But I want one that's darn near perfect, and that quest will require patience. But since I'm also thinking straight alto, and have found a brand new S3 in stock (I'm not saying where) which I MUST have, maybe one tenor will have to be enough.

And I'm not all that sure I'm satisfied with my Ser III soprano....

Maybe I should buy JK stock.

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May 28th 8:23 PM
MAG..........Save some of that JK stock for me!
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May 29th 3:05 AM
I don't have Selmeritis, more like I can afford both..I'll never sell my VI Silver Tenor or probably any other of my 3 S's, as they've become practically's more about adding a sonic dimension..My Chu tenor is astounding but would never "replace" my VI. Just a lot different tone quality and feel to it. I think the JK NS may be what I want, as it's supposed to be the brightest of the bright and thats the edge I want. If I only could have one???...The VI wins.
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Jun 1st 9:54 AM
while I do like both Selmers and Keilwerths and by the way the vintage Keilwerth SX90R models at least the ones I own DO have pearls and I think the most comfortable of all keyboards made.. back to the question at hand.. I have played the Nickel SX90 alto and while it was wonderful and resonant especially compared to my black nickel model, I also tested a Yanagisawa A991alto and found it to not only be terrific but the brightest alto I have ever tried which is great for players looking for that bright contemporary sound, in fact to darken it I had to really use a different no baffle mouthpiece but if you are looking for bright and resonant not only would I say try one of the Yani 991 alto's but they are much less money to purchase, in fact I have seen them go for under $2000.00 especially from the European dealers...good luck..
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Jun 1st 1:48 PM
Keilwerth SX90R models has many different version. Anybody knows which version has better rich & warm sound (Need a little dark but not too dark & dull)? I don't like too bright & I think sliver plate model is too bright.
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Jun 1st 4:33 PM
Try the nickel plate with the VIOntage Gold lacquer over the top, this is a great looking and sounding finish. It is definitely darker sounding than the Nickel silver tenors and the Black Nickel.
mostly alto guy
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Jun 2nd 1:19 AM
Bootman apparently has played them all, Andy, so he should know. That man's soprano he plays is nickel under deep gold lac (yes?), and the clips I've heard are the sort of sound you seem to be looking for. Of course, your results WILL vary.

I've also heard the JK copper neck darkens the sound, sort of "butterizes" it. I'm planning to try one of those on my alto and may acquire one for tenor also.
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Jun 17th 11:56 AM
How do you tell if a Selmer Bundy was made by JK?