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Dave Collins
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May 31st 10:17 PM
I've been playing my Meyer 5M on alto lately and loving it, but I'm having trouble with altissimo and multiphonics. Is it typical of the mpc, or am am I in need of lots of woodshedding. I played some other pieces with easy altissimo. Maybe I'm just spoiled. I'm usid a Rovner Dark lig and going to be using either a Francois Louis or a Rico H Series. Could that help me out? Thanks a lot.

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Jun 6th 8:00 AM
Your mouthpiece is fine. Some mouthpieces may be very easy to produce altissimo but at the sacrifice of tone. Marc Russo for the Yellow Jackets plays a Meyer 5M. He's a Lenny Picket of the alto!
Jody Espina
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Jun 7th 12:30 AM
sinkdraiN is right, although some mpc's make it much easier to get the altissimo. Altissimo can be had on most good mouthpieces. I think it's about being able to control your harmonics. Top Tones for Saxophone is a good book to start with for that.And the just make it part of your everyday practice. 5 minutes a day slowly extending your range. If you started on high F# and added one half step a week to your range you would be a high note fool by the end of the summer.
BTW, does Marc Russo have a baffle built in that mpc? Because he sure can play those high notes.
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Jun 9th 11:15 AM

Yes, I also have this problem after switching my Jumbo Java (A55) to Meyer M5. Much diffcult to blow high note than before (start from high Eb to F#).
Dave Collins
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Jun 9th 11:07 PM
I've been working a lot with the Meyer lately, and the altissimo and multiphonics are beginning to pop out. Alto, the change from a JumboJaca to a Meyer is a large one. I used a one a while back. Keep working. It's just a bit to get used to. I'm gonna use a new lig, too though. I'm going to swith to a Rico H Series soon. I've found that the Rovner ligs in general make the altissimo etc a little more difficult. I'm up to E4 now.
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Jun 11th 12:47 AM

I have a BG & a Vandoren ligature, both are metal lig. I like the Van lig very much, which came with 3 small metal plates. These plates can make the tone slightly different. And, I think this lig work much better on the high note & multiphonics than the BG.