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Jun 4th 6:39 PM
Anyone have a really horrible alto I can smash and put on my wall? I already have a trumpet and trombone...

Any takers? Any model....
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Jun 9th 4:12 AM
Steve Cars
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Jun 12th 11:52 PM
I found most of my wall hangers for the music room at the local swap meets...
mostly alto guy
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Jun 13th 12:57 AM
I visited a street bazaar in Sofia, Bulgaira a few weeks ago. What a great colection of incredible old horns! Eb "field horns," silver clarinets, brass flutes, roary valve trumpets and cornets, etc. All at ridiculously low prices, some maybe playable, most certainly not. It was great fun just to peruse the tables.

But not a single saxophone. ?????