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May 13th 11:04 AM
Most of the great jazz sax players whoose bios I've read seem to have gone to Berklee but I know some of them like Ornette Coleman did it the hard way or the easy way. Who are the contemporary guys that never went to school? Also it seems some went to college but not for music. Albright apparently studied accounting.
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May 13th 12:27 PM
I think Joshua Redman got an MBA from an Ivy-League school...either Harvard or Yale...before deciding to pursue music.
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May 13th 1:22 PM
Cannonball Adderley and his brother Nat were both trained properly.
jax, fl
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May 13th 1:54 PM
If I'm not mistaken, Ornette Coleman went to a good music college. He just did things a little differently.
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May 27th 12:28 PM
"....Also it seems some went to college but not for music. Albright apparently studied accounting."

Yeah, ain't that a kick in the head. Grrrr(lol)
I know some pretty good players who are doctors, accountants, public housing manager, dentist, etc.

Take Denny Zeitlin, he's a psychiatrist [however, he did study classical piano privately].
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May 28th 9:30 AM
mmm...intereting jazzredcat...maybe I can obtain their CD's or mp3's someplace...that'd be nice:)
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May 28th 10:48 AM
I think Lou Donaldson was a Sociology graduate.
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May 28th 5:35 PM
Joshua Redman went to Yale, then decided it wasn't for him.
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May 28th 6:31 PM
While not sax players, Fletcher Henderson had a degree in Chemistry and trumpeter Eddie Henderson was a doctor.

I thought Joshua Redman was graduated from Harvard with a degree in Sociology and was accepted into Yale Law school, but decided not to attend.