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May 31st 8:44 PM

I'm mostly a flute guy... Alto's my weak double, because I've never studied the sax privately. My promblem is that I play awfully sharp in the high register. I use Selmer intermediate horn with Meyer 5M (recently switched from Soloist), with royal rico 2 1/2. But I don't think it's the setup that's making me play sharp... I think it's my embouchure. Could I be biting? How do you define "biting"? I mean, I DO increase pressure in the lips when playing the high register, but isn't that a natural thing to do? What's a possible cure for biting?

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May 31st 9:47 PM
Taek, I'm not an expert but I had the same problem. If your embouchure is not strong enough you may be biting to compensate for lack of embouchure support.

Along with that, if the embouchure is not strong enough you may want to consider a mouthpiece with a smaller tip opening than the M5. Return to the M5 after you have built up your embouchure. Maybe consider a #2 reed until you have built up your 2 cents:)