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Jun 14th 11:34 PM
Well I wanted to know what makes metal resonaters so they help dynamic range, puriety of sound,well what does it do to help so much..I need to get pro opinions on that and would it be worth it to put resonaters on a customized horn like the horn of my choice the Yanagisawa 991....
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Jun 15th 1:49 AM
Yanigasawa fit either metal or plastic resos to their horns, apparently depending on what they have available, so if you buy a 991 you may get either plastic or metal.

The Ref 54 Selmer has plastic resos, as did the Mk VI. Both nice horns. I am sure the cost differential is minimal. You certainly can affect the tone with choice of resos, but the generic ones fitted to new horns, plastic or metal, will make virtually no difference IMHO.

Have a look at the saxgourmet site, IIRC Steve Goodson offers boutique resos, and of course certain old horns had particular unusual resos (or none at all) which all added to the sound and so when you overhaul one, it is often desirable to seek out exact replacements.
Brice B.
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Jun 15th 8:17 AM
In my opinion, classical players like metal better, becasue it gives a more solid sound, and the tone doesn't fluxuate very much. Jazzers like plastic, because it's easier to shape the sound, and the tone is much more flexable.
Gordon (NZ)
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Jun 15th 9:08 AM
I have seen several cases where Selmer's current metal ones react with some chemical in the pads and rust badly around the edges. This will possibly make the pads fail prematurely at the resonators.
Big B
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Jun 19th 9:57 AM
Well no need to talk about selmer in this debate because I am talking about a Yanagisawa saxophone...these are obiously y favorite cause they are of the greatest construction, great tone, and the most freeblowing and versitile horns I know of. I really don't like Yamamas pros compared to Yanagisawa pros cause the freeness and flow of yanagisawa make them so much better feeling than Yahama.. they all say that the Yahama custom was a better copy of a mark VI and if they were really that close then what the heck was so good about the VI. Yanagisawa rule