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Robert Gifford
User ID: 9649143
May 30th 4:41 PM
I'm looking for a good Jazz mouthpeice (fairly inexpensive, as I'm a broke university student). I use a 1923 Beuscher Silver True Tone Alto and a Selmer AS 110. Right now the mouthpeice I'm using is a selmer C* with a rovner lig. Any help would be appricated.
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May 30th 5:06 PM
the meyer 5 med chamber is always a good place to start.
User ID: 1947624
May 30th 5:52 PM
The Hard Rubber links are fairly cheap and good quality.
User ID: 0087674
May 30th 7:19 PM
Pick up a Barone HR Jazz or NY on eBay (Phil puts some up on a regular basis). The NY has a little more edge than a new Meyer and a fatter sound. The Jazz is even fatter, but lacks the edge of the NY.
Dave Dolson
User ID: 1202654
May 30th 8:19 PM
Robert: I have a silver TT (#152xxx) which I guess is from about 1924. It is a heck of a saxophone. I mostly use a Meyer 6S-Medium chamber with soft reeds and standard lig. I sometimes use a HR Barone 7Jazz with the same reeds. I believe the Meyer has more center to the tone. The music I play is 1920's jazz. DAVE
Brice B.
User ID: 0972444
May 31st 9:03 AM
Meyer 6, small chamber. Small chamber's are always brighter, and a little better responce.
User ID: 2762454
Jun 1st 2:02 PM
What about a Vandoren V16M (Medium chamber , A5 or A6)? Many people said it's a good choose to start with.
User ID: 2762454
Jun 1st 2:07 PM
Forgot to mention, V16M for Jazz solo. Is it a better choice than Meyer to start?
User ID: 8032783
Jun 1st 2:25 PM
try some Selmer Soloists-"E" facing or larger.I use these on a 68XXX Martin Handcraft,280XXX Buescher Aristocrat and a Martin Comm II altos and these pieces do a fine job on these older horns.they have plenty of all you need.
User ID: 7705853
Jun 1st 4:04 PM
Small chamber Meyers have easy response, good power, and a fair amount of meat on the bone. Coming from a C* a Meyer 6 might be a good choice.
User ID: 9892733
Jun 2nd 1:39 AM
Jody Jazz 7 might work for you.....can get it with or without the spoiler. Vintage soloists E's are good, but expensive. The new ones are out in Europe...available at Saxshop. Can be ordered....maybe a Meyer 6. There's the Selmer metal jazz D or E...bright piece. I think you will just have to try various ones and see what works for you. The Meyer will cost the least, if you order from Woodwind/Brasswind.
User ID: 9795313
Jun 5th 12:17 PM
Has anyone heard of the deep-V Rovner mouthpiece, metal or hard rubber? good or bad?
User ID: 1320554
Jun 6th 8:02 AM
I agree with Alan. My #1 is a Runyon Custom 8 w/spoiler. Two mouthpieces in one due to the spoiler. My #2 is a JVW Meyer 6M. Not as loud for lead work, but a great piece.
User ID: 1801454
Jun 6th 8:17 AM
Check out Claude Lakey Jazz..great mouthpieces!
User ID: 0756324
Jun 6th 10:59 AM
meyer or vandoren V16- these are the standards
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
Jun 12th 11:53 PM
Try Jody Jazz and Runyon Custom Jazz...
User ID: 9209903
Jun 13th 1:36 AM
The Vandoren V16 A5 plays GREAT on an old Buescher Aristocrat OR a new JK90R! And a Meyer 5M is even a little better (tweaked by Theo Wanne at Mouthpiece Heaven). With a Rovner dark lig and Rico Jazz Select 2M reeds . . . well, my search has ended!
User ID: 0756324
Jun 13th 9:38 AM
I think the Selmer metal jazz mp's are very good.
User ID: 7371133
Jun 14th 6:09 AM
It depends on the kind of jazz sound you want to achieve. I have played the Jody Jazz, Morgan Excal, Meyer 5 medium and Vandoren V16 M hard rubber-IMHO for ballads and straight ahead jazz, the Vandoren is the safest bet. Good luck.