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Jun 2nd 11:28 AM
know any good sites i can use?

plus i also need a song with him performing a solo, (complete improv) not just diddling on the theme, you know what i mean.

any reccomendations?
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Jun 2nd 3:51 PM
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Jun 3rd 6:32 AM
Davod - Check out the recordings by Duke Ellington with "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", Things Ain't What They Used to Be" or "Passion Flower", for starters.

Anyone - Didn't Duke write "Cotton Tail" for Johnny Hodges?
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Jun 4th 2:09 AM
"Cotton Tail" was a showpiece for another one of Duke's great sax men: Ben Webster.
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Jun 4th 2:12 AM
For Johnny Hodges, also check out
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Jun 4th 6:01 AM
Thanks, Jur - that's interesting. I thought there might be a connection between "Rabbit", which I thought was Johnny Hodges' nickname, and "cotton tail". Do you know if there's any connection with the title of the song and Ben? Trivia, I know, but...Thanks.
Roger Aldridge
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Jun 4th 9:30 AM

A number of Duke's song titles have sexual overtones. Warm Valley is a case in point. It's been my understanding that Cotton Tail is along these lines. Specifically, that it is a reference to white women. Whether this is true or not makes no difference to me. It's a GREAT tune!
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Jun 4th 10:02 AM
Thanks, Roger.
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Jun 4th 10:14 AM
There are several GREAT Hodges CDs. The three best, imo, are "Back to Back", "Side by Side" the third is with Wild Bill Thomson and is usally listed under Wild Bill.

I have others but they are earily and sound "tinny".

Duke record as side man and produced records for several of his band members, it kept the "chickens in the koop" so to speak.