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w.m. yu
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Jun 18th 2:30 AM
i play serie alto. i want a very very sharp and bright sound. what mpc can u suggest?
is yanagisawa good?
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Jun 18th 4:59 AM
Dukoff metal "D" chamber
User ID: 8868883
Jun 18th 5:18 AM
Yanigaswa rubber is the darkest mouthpiece you will find, Yanagisawa metal is fairly bright, but certainly not edgy ('sharp'). Look for something with a high baffle like the Dukoff mentioned above, or you might like a Beechler.
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Jun 18th 5:19 AM
Or a Selmer metal jazz E.......there are many possibilities.
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Jun 18th 5:23 AM
I thought the Selmer Jazz E was supposed to create a mellow tone a la Paul desmond. ???
User ID: 9892733
Jun 18th 5:50 AM
I tried a metal jazz D and it was so bright and edgy I traded it to a repair tech for a vintage soloist D. I don't see how a Selmer jazz E could possibly compare to a Gregory 4A/16, but then who knows? Maybe someone can get a mellow tone out of one. I couldn't.
User ID: 9892733
Jun 18th 6:02 AM
I've read where others thought em bright and edgy too, but maybe it depends on what horn you use em on......I play a MKVII alto, and it was bright. I switched to a Rovner gold Deep V, Ram 30 no. 7. Suited me much better.....and it probably depends quite a lot on the individual player too.
w.m. yu
User ID: 1516194
Jun 18th 6:23 AM
have anyone tried a claude lakey metal mpc?
i saw a ad on ebay states that the dukoff is 250% more playing facility. is it true?
what is a fair price for a dukoff mpc?
User ID: 0896204
Jun 18th 6:26 AM
Yeh - I suppose it depends very much on the way you play em too. There is another thread about Nete mouthpieces where someone talks about getting a Gregory-type tone on a Metal Selmer Jazz piece.

Thanks for the info Alan, i really want to try one of these metal Selmers now - it sounds to me as if you can get a wide variety of tonal colours out of them. Which has got to be a good thing :-)

Just thinking about bright pieces - didn't Sanborn play on a Metal Brilhart in the 60s/70s?? Saw one of these for sale on ebay recently.
User ID: 0896204
Jun 18th 6:28 AM
"250% more playing facility."

What does this mean? I'm intrigued ;)
Sh*!t if its got 250% more playing facility, i've just got to get one, dude. I ask you.
w.m. yu
User ID: 1516194
Jun 18th 6:31 AM
i saw this on ebay
Ian O'B.
User ID: 8924643
Jun 18th 6:50 AM
Yea, the guy also said it "Enhances your flexibility and creativity." This is an example of a guy trying lying through his teeth to get any schmuck to bid high on his product.
User ID: 9892733
Jun 18th 7:15 AM
Al, you may like the metal Selmer jazz piece, but it was a bit too bright for me. I too saw where someone said they could get a Desmond tone out of one.....surprised me. Edgar Winter plays on a metal Brilhart I know, Sanborn may have early. Think he uses a Dukoff Super Power chamber now. They both play MKVI's and can play circles around me. I play in a concert wind symphony and do a little big band; on rare occasions a country gig or some old rock n roll. Those bright pieces are great for jazz.
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Jun 18th 7:17 AM
i use dukoffs for tenor and alto. love them! they can be bright as anything when pushed but you can also play soft and pretty on them.ive found them easy to control.if you blast away at them you will get a very bright sound (too bright)sound but if you relax and play with finesse you can get a real nice tone with them . the beechlers sound great too but seem harder for me to get the full control of. i dont know what 250% better means but heck i probably one that auction too!!
User ID: 1850204
Jun 18th 7:51 AM
I use the D6 and yes, it is edgy.
But Dukoff has a piece that is(supposedly)
even edgier; which I can't imagine...;)
Check out:
User ID: 8409173
Jun 18th 11:21 AM
w.m. yu

Before you try a metal MP (Beechler or Dukoff), first to try Jumbo Java (A55). It's also bright & it close to Beechler MP sound. Sometime, I cannot suffer such bright tone...

If you think you can use these MP to sound like those smooth Jazz player, sorry to tell you, you can never make it because they use a lot of mix up at the studio.

For my suggestion, first try V16, if not enough, try JJ. Then finally metal MP.
soprano player
User ID: 8290473
Jun 20th 5:24 AM
Berg Larsen 110/0
User ID: 8882983
Jun 20th 12:02 PM
Rovner Deep V 40 (baffled)or a Beechler Bellite.
User ID: 8193053
Jun 24th 12:33 AM
Any idea how to get bright & round sound BUT more soft (not too dry & hard) tone? A proper MP & reed combination is useful?

I tried to use Junbo Java (A55) with Java, JS & La Voz. Doesn't change the dry sound much, only bright.