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User ID: 0283314
May 28th 11:24 PM
Dear friends,

I've got a Brand-New YAS-62 alto sax in silver plate that I would like to sell. This sax was acquired during my trip to Japan 3 months ago. Will also include a Germainhardt flute (in mint condition) for those sax players who also play the flute. The flute has a Sterling Sliver head joint. I am asking US$2300 for the whole deal (s&h included). Sorry, I am currently in a desperate need for money. Will ship worldwide. Thanks for looking!

Please contact me at:
[email protected]
User ID: 7893693
Jun 2nd 6:25 AM
Anybody's interested?
User ID: 9892733
Jun 2nd 6:37 AM
Most saxes/mouthpieces/gear for sale are posted under "Marketplace"......that's where you will get the best response.