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Jun 1st 5:44 AM
Ive got a brand new Yamaha YAS 875 Custom Alto in black lacquer for sale. It includes a full factory 12 month warranty, a case with combination locks, and accesories including a mouthpiece. This instrument has the new G1 neck and is in perfect condition. Im asking for $2400 and I will include a Yamaha Silver custome neck M1 for free. thats a 200 dollar neck!
Ive also got an alto in gold lacquer for $2200, and it includes a free case cover.

Also up for sale is a brand new Selmer Paries series III Soprano saxophone with full factory 12 month warranty. (USA version). This isntrument comes in hardwood shell case, and is also in perfect condition. Im asking $2300

All instrument prices include shipping with insurance to anywhere in the United States. I will ship outside of the US for a fee. Im based out of Chicago, IL in the United States. Please email me at [email protected] (with a zero) for all questions, or to make a purchase. Thanks and have a great day!
You can check my feed back at Sax4sale on EBAY
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Jun 1st 5:49 AM
Posting in "Marketplace" might get you more results/inquiries, etc..
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Jun 1st 7:30 AM
Alan is correct, and the ground rule of SOTW is to post comments only once.
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Jun 1st 8:24 AM
I do apologize. When I originally posted, it would not allow me to post in the Marketplace.