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Jun 7th 12:59 PM
1) I consider YANA 992 & Yamaha 865 is same level horn. How's you compare with them in sound & keywork? (I have no chance to test a 992 because out of stock in my area this moment).

2) Which horn has better modern sound (for Fusion & smooth jazz)?

2) If Yana 992 is same level with YAS Custom, that's mean Yana 9930 is even better than YAS 875?? But 9930 are very very expensive horn...
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Jun 7th 1:08 PM
I had a Yani 991 alto and a Yamaha 875 Custom. I sold the Custom. My Custom was very bright, a little bit more resistant that I would like and I had trouble with intonation on the high notes.

I have a Yani 992 tenor and a Yamaha Custom 875 tenor. The Yamaha tenor is a little bit brighter and the key layouts are a slight bit different but otherwise the two horns are very comparable - both are excellent. I had a 9930 Tenor and sold it - I didn't like it. It was very heavy and the sound was unusual. One might like it or not, but to me it didn't sound like a saxophone. I have played the 9930 alto at NAMM and found it to be excellent but not worth the money over the 991 or 992. Overall I like the 992 series best but I haven't felt it was worth it to upgrade my 991 alto to a 992.
User ID: 0004344
Jun 7th 1:16 PM

In yor opinion, do you think Yana 992 is a better choice for modern sound (to play smooth jazz)?
Dave Dolson
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Jun 7th 4:09 PM
Joey: I spent some time looking for a new alto that played as good as my vintage horns (MKVI, BA, silver TT, gold Cigar Cutter). I played several Yamaha Customs in silverplate, but none of them gave me the resonance I'd grown to expect from my vintage altos. Then, I acquired my Yana A992. It can keep up with my vintage horns just fine, plus the key work is easier to negotiate than many of the vintage altos. It goes head-to-head with my old TT and leaves the other vintage horns I own in the dust. The TT is a little more centered in sound, but other than that, it is a toss-up to the A992. My music is 1920's jazz. DAVE
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Jun 7th 5:30 PM
Have you guys played A991 GP a gold plated version ?
Whats a advantage of having a sax. gold plated ?
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Jun 7th 6:26 PM
I think the Yamaha is a slight bit brighter so if brightness is what you are looking for you'd probably be better off with the Yamaha. I had a friend of mine who's a very contemporary style player, he does play some smooth jazz, but mostly just very contemporary with lots of altissimo, play my Yanis and Yamahas. He definitely prefers the Yamaha altos for contemporary music, but he thought the Yani 992 and Custom Tenor were very close. However, for him, he liked the Yamaha key layout better. I tend to prefer the Yani layout.
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Jun 7th 7:02 PM
is it easy to bend the tone on yannies as well? how about altissimo?

what is the difference a black lacquer a991 would have over the 991?
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Jun 7th 9:51 PM
It's as easy to bend notes or do altissimo on the Yani. The difference between the black and the lacquer is mostly appearance, but the black might be a bit darker in sound due to the extra lacquer.