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Jun 5th 8:02 PM
get a yannie a991?

i have heard great things, and shortly after the shool year i am going to go try one again, once i can find a good store downtown (toronto).

I have heard about many things, but i still have questions.

Some have said that it is more specifically a "classical sax" and this somewhat bothers me. I prefer jazz saxophone, and i wanted to know how much this really means in terms of tone.

What is the huge difference, and is there any reason I should have a worse jazz sound out of this instrument over others?

Is it at least somewhat durable?

Is it worth the investment (in your opinions)

what would you do if you were me?
(end of grade 11, 17 years old, started on a conn (unknown specs) really soon after that moved to yas-23, still play it now, hope to sell it as soon as possible after repadding.

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Jun 5th 8:16 PM
I use a Yani 991 to play both classical and jazz. It's great for both. It's quite durable and stays in tune. It's sound is more Selmer like to me than Yamaha like but it's not the sound of either.

The one thing about Yanis is they don't seem to have the resale value of Yamahas or Selmers. I bought my Yani alto and tenor both used and got great deals. Also, they can be bought quite cheaply from European dealers like

I am very comfortable playing Yanis and like them, but everyone is different. I play as well Selmer and Yamaha and each have their good and bad points. I certainly think the Yanis are at least as good. It's better though to try lots of them and see what works for you.
Dave Dolson
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Jun 5th 8:23 PM
David: Once you find a saxophone that you like (and the Yana A991 is a really nice one), I think you can play it for any type of music you like. I have several new Yanas (altos and sopranos) and they are very durable horns - and probably the best I've ever played. They needed no tweaking when I bought them. They played right out of the box (a circumstance noted for Yanas).

As far as investment quality, I don't think any new saxophone is considered a short-term investment - not like a high-quality vintage horn. Oh, over the years, a new Yana, well cared for, may retain most of its value but not for the short term. But, is the Yana A991 worth the price? In MY opinion, yes. I play my A992 in a trad-jazz band and it sounds great. Of course, much of a saxophone's sound-quality comes from the player and the set-up, not just the horn. DAVE