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May 19th 11:33 AM
This ia the first time I use a tuner to practice long tone today. All notes are OK except low B & low Bb, which is a littlie bit sharp.
As you know, if I plug out my MP slightly out other notes will get flat. I tried many times but still the same. It won't happened on the low C & low C#. What's going on my low B & Bb key (with right hand little finger's table key)?

My Yana A901, complete new when bought in 3 months before.

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May 27th 12:16 PM
You need to adjust your embouchure. There is an overall way to hold your mouth, and there's another embouchure/mouth within that; kind of like having a mouth within a mouth.
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May 30th 11:46 AM
Changing embouchure won't help. People think dropping the jaw to get the low notes will help, when actually it becomes even more difficult to get a sound, let alone getting it in tune. For low B and Bb to be sharp is actually perfectly normal, and in fact necessary for the overall intonation of the horn (its too complicated to explain without showing you). Keilwerth is actually experimenting with the bell size to help control the intonation (not bad, but still a little sharp).

Now, just because the physics of the instrument cause the notes to be sharp doesn't mean we have to be a slave to it. One investment you can make is in a saxophone mute ($5.00 maximum at a music store, or you can make one from a curtain ring and some lace...consult Larry Teal's book). More so you can work perhaps on the "voicing" in the back of your throat. I gotta go, but I'll explain later.
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May 30th 12:22 PM
I made a mute yesterday for my 32 Conn and I was pleased with the results.
Mellow, quiet, and the wife is happier.
I made it out of a piece of EPP 1/2 " thick, like what some computers are packed in. Just cut it with a razor, into a circle the same size as the inside of the bell and then cut a hole in the middle so you wind up with a ring about 3/4" thick on the sides. There you have it.
It can be turned in the bell to give more or less muting.