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May 10th 4:58 PM
how does the black lacquer 991 compare to all other yannies?
el douche
User ID: 8945823
May 11th 7:36 PM
it changes sounds and looks, everyones ears are different so play and decide
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May 11th 9:55 PM
wow. such help you are.
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May 12th 2:09 PM
I have a T-991 and a friend of mine has a T-991 black lacquer. The black lacquer seems to give the horn a more "mellow" sound, although in my opinion it has a much more dead sound than my horn. A sax repair guy was telling me that the Yani and Yamaha black lacquer horns don't resonate as well as their brass lacquered counterparts. But you really should play them all to see what they do for you.