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Mar 3rd 10:41 AM
I have a problem, now when I play I always seem to get the so called "frying bacon" or water spray sound, how can I avoid this. I do somtimes play with a metal mouthpiece but I seem to have the same problem with "steel ebonite" ones what can i do?
User ID: 1139804
Mar 3rd 11:57 AM
Periodically you just have to suck all the spit off your reed. Its a nasty job, but someone has to do it...
User ID: 9600383
Mar 4th 1:59 PM
This occurs more often when playing mpc with small tip openings. You could try moving up a few sizes.
User ID: 9600383
Mar 4th 4:32 PM
As you learn to move more air velocity (speed) through the piece, it will go away.
Tom F.
User ID: 0115944
May 7th 9:33 PM
Putting the piece in your pocket for a few minutes before playing will warm it up and lessen the condensation that forms from blowing warm, humid air into a cold mouthpiece.
User ID: 3501134
May 13th 10:45 AM
Purchase one of those wire devices with a brush on one end and wooly cloth like portion on the other. It cleans the mouthpiece and the neck . It seems to clear up the sizzling sound
Ian O'B. May 13th 5:37 PM
Make sure to try and rinse the mouthpiece off in room temp water after practice to prevent spit staining. That sound is usually just from moisture in the neck and mouthpiece. Just inhale through the sax real fast and it goes away. I have to do this periodically during long practice/gigs.