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Mar 8th 9:03 AM
Long ago I owned a metal C** mouthpiece. It was very old but in great condition. The purpose of this post is that it was stolen. I am wanting to purchase a new metal mouthpiece since I play jazz mainly. The thing is... I HATED THAT MOUTHPIECE! It sounded horrible, felt worse, and just in general sucked in my opinion. Do all metal mouthpieces feel and sound like this? I'm not good at describing things but heres a go at the torture that mouthpiece put me through. It felt raw... like I was dancing on a blackboard in metal tipped high heels.. anxiously waiting to slip a little and get that horrible screeching sound. Thats the way it felt.. nails on the blackboard. Are all of them like this or is it a trait of that particular mouthpiece? I want one that is comfortable.... any suggestions?
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Mar 8th 9:10 AM
Buy a decent hard rubber mouthpiece. I can't stand metal on anything anymore.

My fave all-round alto mouthpiece is the Vandoren A35 - try it with an Alexander DC 2.5
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Mar 8th 9:12 AM
Nothing wrong with Selmer metal mouthpieces in general. They are a bit bland if anything, maybe your was damaged or perhaps the facing was inaccurate - they are not all the same. Possibly you used too soft a reed.

Many players of all types of music like metal mouthpieces but it is the design of the facing and chamber that affect the sound more than the material its made of. You should be able to get the sound you want from a metal or rubber piece.

Personally, I don't like the feel of a metal piece in my mouth and because a rubber one feels better, then I am more likely to play my best.

You will have to try a few for yourself I think. And hope that the thief is having a horrible time playing your C**
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Mar 8th 11:04 AM
I played a C** Hard Rubber for many, Many years and it is a good all around mpc. Good intonation and just enough flexibility to play jazz, but the tip size is rather small for jazz. The metal version really seems to struggle with this size and becomes much to stuffy. Same with Meyer mpcs.
Selmer metals are much better up around the E opening sizes.
Ok now the frosting. I recently bought a JodyJazz (made by Runyon) mpc. It's actually plastic but not cheap abs, rather a special blend long used by Runyon on their Custom line. It's simply the best alto mpc I've played in 25 years. You will not find a better Jazz piece period! Also comes with a removable spoiler to give it even more volume and alot of edge for playing fusion or modern rock. Check out and you'll find it's very affordable.
Go with a large tip opening, at least an 8 because it will give you more volume and flexibility for jazz styles and this mpc is very easy to play and highly baffled which helps it play well intune, typical of Runyons.
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Apr 13th 3:58 PM
I had a Selmer E facing for my alto in 1972. I wound up selling it-too many squeaks.
Paul C.
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May 9th 9:26 PM
There are two types of Selmer metal mouthpieces... a classical model with round chamber, and a jazz model (offered only in rediculously small facings up to E). The jazz model has a very small chamber, and could be as you describe, prone to squeeks.

The Selmer metal classical model is quite smooth, and in my opinion, far better than the S80 and S90 hard rubber models.

And do not put all metal mouthpieces in the same boat. Do not make a guess of how a mouthpiece will sound based on the material it is made from, you will likely be wrong. Baffle and chamber have far more influence on tone than the material (though the material does have a subtle effect on tone).
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May 12th 9:59 AM
I just started playin the alto sax so i have o clue what u r talkin about